American Hysteria And The Covid-19 X-Files: Where’s Agent Mulder When We Need Him?

Was it an overreaction by jumpy politicians who chose to err on the side of safety? Or was it…

by John Rubino of Dollar Collapse

Pretty much everyone over 40 remembers a riveting but ultimately frustrating 1990s TV show called the X-Files, in which aliens show up and make some extreme demands on the world’s governments. Hopelessly outgunned, the governments not only surrender but volunteer to help with the transition to alien rule. All unbeknownst to the public, of course.

Shadowy organizations then begin a series of genetic and technological experiments, with sometimes gross and always disturbing effects on the human subjects. Along the way, a couple of FBI agents — Mulder and Scully — catch on and try to expose these plots-within-plots, with (spoiler alert) zero success. The series ends without the much-anticipated final battle between good and evil, depriving millions of fans (including this one) of their Hollywood happy ending.

Now fast forward to the real world of 2020. The US government starts releasing what it claims are videos of legit UFOs and sends talking heads to major networks to confirm that these things are 1) buzzing our military bases with impunity and 2) probably not of this world.

At about the same time, a virus, possibly grown in a Chinese lab with US help but who really knows, emerges and almost instantly circles the globe, leading most governments to impose lockdowns that, at least in retrospect, seem way out of proportion to the actual threat. The story ends with the more-or-less coerced injection of billions of people with experimental vaccines.

Since — in the developed world at least — covid-19 turned out to be less deadly than cigarettes or opioids (or driving), the point of the past year’s hysteria seems, like that of the X-Files’ secret genetic experiments, to be unclear. Was it an overreaction by jumpy politicians who chose to err on the side of safety? Or was it a dry run for something bigger, designed to find out how easy it would be to impose global martial law?

If the latter, they got their answer: We turned out to be really easy to manipulate.

Okay, I’m kidding … sort of. This kind of “life imitates art” speculation will probably look silly when things settle down. UFOs have been around forever, and even this latest batch of videos might have a terrestrial explanation. Viruses have also been around forever, and covid-19 will probably turn out to be just a turbo-charged flu-variant that caught us at a vulnerable moment.

Still, some non-terrifying explanations for the recent weirdness would be nice.