American Democracy Is a Fiction & Who Do Republicans Represent?

Washington is set up to serve foreign populations and the corporations that fund political campaigns. Americans don’t even get crumbs. They are…

by Paul Craig Roberts via

American Democracy Is A Fiction

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Dear Readers, 

As my article this morning on this 79th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor illustrates ( ), governments use deception to bring people in agreement with the agendas of those who control government.  The cost of such deceptions usually exceed the benefits.  Ruinous wars result, and the unity required to cement a country together can be destroyed.

I believe the latter has happened with the stolen US presidential election.  It is certain that the election was stolen, and 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats believe that it was according to the Rasmussen Poll.  The organized theft was planned well in advance, and the hysteria orchestrated by the Covid threat paved the way for fraudulent mail-in ballots.  As I previously explained, state election laws in swing states were violated by Democrat election officials, governors, and secretaries of state. Even state constitutions were violated.  The voting machines were programmed to weight the vote in Biden’s favor.  When this did not suffice, halts in vote counting were declared in several swing states, all poll watchers were sent home, and fradulent main-in ballots were fed into the vote count in the absence of supervision.  

The evidence of electoral fraud consists of (1) a comparison of state laws and constitutional requirements with what actually happened as admitted by Democrat officials themselves and justified because of Covid, (2) hundreds of affidavits signed under oath by witnesses to fraudulent voting, (3) expert testimony demonstrating the fraud and how it was done, and (4) security camera films and eyewitness reports of large numbers of mail-in ballots, some uniformly premarked, some without creases and thus never mailed in, and some filled out by Democrats on the spot,  surreptitously delivered and entered into the vote count without supervision.  

There is even evidence that Sidney Powell’s charges that the Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software are linked to fraudulent elections in Venezuela.  CNN disputes this as impossible, but CNN itself reported in 2006 as factual everything Sidney Powell has said about the origin of the machines and softwear as devices for stealing elections.  See this video which contains CNN’s own 2006 news report: 

The courage of those who came forward with affidavits is laudable. Some who have come forward have testified that their effort to protect election integrity has resulted in threats to them and their families, to loss of friends, and to loss of employment.  We have seen a number of Democrats call for arresting and imprisoning all who gave evidence of electoral fraud.  

Although it is certain that the election was stolen and the evidence of electoral theft is abundant, it is not certain that anything will be done about it. Georgia, a red state, has gone through some investigatory motions but the Republican officials seem content for the election to be stolen. Lower state courts impressed by the evidence have been overturned by higher courts. If the matter reaches the US Supreme Court prior to the cutoff deadlines, it is likely the Court will wiggle out of responsibility and assign it to the state legislators where the courage to face retribution might be weak.  

Normally, when the US Supreme Court weighs in on a major or turning point decision, such as abortion, it does so only when it knows it has the support of the media.  The Justices are protective of the court as well as of themselves. They don’t want the Court discredited by a media campaign, and they don’t want retribution from Democrats in the form of a packed Court.  Neither do they want Antifa and BLM camped out on their lawns.  

My prediction is that the chance is greatest that the Court will go with the Establishment, and the Establishment, both Democrat and Republican, want the outsider Trump out.  It is unlikely that the Supreme Court will rule against the Establishment’s wishes.

Trump is supported by the people, but he is their only champion.  Once he is gone, there will be no voice to speak in their interest.  This makes it easy for the Court to go with the Establishment.

We will soon know.  If my concern is on the money, we are back to the question: How is there democracy when neither party represents the people?  

This question serves as a good introduction to my second column of today:

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Who Do Republicans Represent?

Paul Craig Roberts

Who do Republicans represent? The Establishment of course, just as the Democrats do.  This is why the US Senate by unanimous consent on December 2 passed Republican Senator Mike Lee’s bill to please Google and silicon valley’s desire for a larger supply of foreign workers to displace American ones.  

Why should tech firms be satisfied with excessive profits when they can have even higher ones by replacing every last American software engineer with an Indian or a Chinese person brought in on “temporary” work visas which turn into a green card and permanent residence. Native born Americans are being displaced in their own country.  

Why is the US Senate unanimous in wanting to bring in more foreign workers when the official number of Americans currently unemployed is 10,700,000 (the actual rate is about twice that) and when Democrats and “health authorities” are insisting on more lockdowns and thus more unemployed people and more closures of never-to-reopen private businesses?

The answer is campaign contributions from Google and Silicon Valley.  If the US Congress will reduce your software engineering salary bill by one-third by bringing in foreigners to expand the labor supply, as they have been doing for a long time, you can make generous campaign contributions to the politicians who increased your profitability and shareholder satisfaction by enabling you to throw Americans out of work.  

On December 4, I wrote about the displacement of the straight white male ( ).  But it is clear that it is the entire native born  population that is being displaced, first in the labor market and then as a percentage of the population as work visas turn into green cards.

Washington is set up to serve foreign populations and the corporations that fund political campaigns.  The American people don’t even get crumbs. And they are so beat down and poor that they can’t even resist.

The judiciary is also determined to overrun native born Americans with “people of  color.” Federal district judge Nicholas Garaufis, a Clinton appointee, has ordered President Trump to restore the protection from deportation of undocumented immigrants who are minors.  For judge Garaufis America is for everyone except American citizens, who have no voice.  Try to find Garaufis speaking up for American citizens.  For the liberal/left, everyone has a claim to America except her citizens.

Donald Trump tried to serve the American people and was not permitted. The Establishment is stronger than the presidency, and Trump is the last non-establishment president the United States will have. 

I know a software engineer who was making $100,000 a year 20 years ago prior to the dot-com bust.  He was unemployed for a decade. Then he got a job due to a rare software language he knew, but no sooner than his life turned up than a company from India purchased the firm, fired all the Americans and brought in Indians on work visas.  After awhile his unique skill landed him another job, and it has happened again. 

Have you ever noticed that Asians run the convience stores?  While he was unemployed my software engineer friend tried to purchase one as a means of livelihood.  But it was impossible. The US government uses Americans’ tax money to subsidize the purchase of convience stores for foreign immigrants.  My friend was undercut from having a small business by his own government.

This is America.  It is for everyone except native born Americans. Trump tried to stand up for Americans, but he was not permitted.

Some of the Americans Trump tried to stand up for don’t have enough sense to support Trump.  

Americans have committed suicide. They are already in the trash bin of history.