Alasdair Macleod: The Petroyuan Is A Double Blow To The United States

The petroyuan is not just a blow to the dollar but also a boost for gold, and Alasdair explains why this has serious implications going forward…

Alasdair Macleod interviewed by Jay Taylor on Jay Taylor Media

Alasdair is back on Jay Taylor Media to give a geo-political and economic update as it pertains to China, the petroyuan, gold and the U.S. dollar.

A lot has gone down since China launched the Petroyuan last month, and a lot more is coming down the pike.

Alasdair says China is setting up a ‘gold corridor’ as part of its New Silk Road as it ends its dependency on American trade.

This has serious implications going forward.

Tune in to the interview in its entirety below to find out more: