Adams & North: Australia Doesn’t Have Super Powers & Isn’t Immune From Laws Of Economics

Believing Australia has superpowers and is immune has become a national past time, but many Australians will be devastated in the coming crisis…

by John Adams and Martin North from Adams Economics

Despite obvious signs that the world and Australia are both in a debt bubble and that the debt bubble is about the implode, millions of Australians still believe in a fantasy that an economic crisis won’t occur in Australia.

This is despite Australia having one of the largest debt bubbles currently in the world.

Believing that Australia has supernatural powers and is immune from the laws of economics and economic history has become a national past time for many Australians. Many believe that the bubble utopia will continue forever and only people in foreign lands such as the United States suffer horrific economic collapses from reckless economic policies.

John Adams and Martin North shatters the myths that many Australians have about economics, property, debt and the sheer economic invincibility that they believe they have.

Despite their warnings, both Adams and North know that unfortunately, many Australians will be economically devastated in the coming economic crisis. The political, social and cultural implications will be profound.