About Those “Rallies”: Patriots Are Being Lured In By Deep State For Unmaskings, Surveillance, Etc

If we already live in an Orwellian world, then Patriots, you’re doing it wrong…

(by Half Dollar) I don’t know.

There’s just something about these “rallies” that doesn’t sit well with me.

Does anybody else have that feeling?

Of course, the partially warmed Beanee Weenee’s I ate along with the freeze-dried coffee I drank for breakfast may not be sitting well with me either, so there’s that.

Nonetheless, something’s not quite right about the “open up” rallies that I keep reading about, or whatever they’re called.

I mean, we now have armed militias rolling around the capital streets of various states in civilian owned decommissioned US military trucks?

Like what Zero Hedge is reporting on today:

Something doesn’t seem right here: If these guys are actually Patriots and not crisis actors, because honestly I haven’t done the research, although the roofing company logo on the passenger side door of Big Green kind of points to the former, then the Deep State Globalists are conducting some serious intel, so of course from the Deep State Globalists’ point-of-view, they’re loving these rallies.

The more these rallies gain traction in the “alternative” media and now even in the MSM as evidenced by Zero Hedge above, the more there’s this sort of subliminal, psychological group inclination going on where each rally becomes more, for lack of a better term, over-the-top.

Look, I get it, the First Amendment is real, so I’ll give these protesters the benefit of the doubt and assume these rallies are legitimate, stemming from actual citizens taking to the streets to demand the government respects their rights, but this is not how you really want to go about it:

Side note: A “Military-style” truck?

Freakin’ hilarious!

I wouldn’t call that “heavily armed” either, but I’m not sure who Emiliano Bos is, so I don’t know his intentions by these types of statements.

But I digress.

Going to these massive rallies in such a manner, in my opinion, plays right into the Deep State Globalists’ hands.

And for several reasons:

  • Deep State Globalists see and then build files on the people who are willing to stand-up and do something (i.e. protest) for their “rights”.
  • Some protesters, assuming this Covid-19 is the real deal, will get sick, and the Deep State Globalists would love nothing more than some freedom-loving Americans coming down with the coronavirus.
  • The Deep State Globalists see people who are potential “Homegrown” “Freedom Fighters” and/or “Terrorists”, so the Deep State Globalists will be able to do all sorts of things with these various “players”, for lack of a better term.

For those reasons and more, the Deep State Globalists not only want freedom-loving Americans out in the streets, but the Deep State Globalists want even more of them out there.

Now, do you want to know what would really bring whatever it is to its knees?

The fiat currency crisis.

That’s it.

Until we go back to the Constitutionally required bi-metallic Gold & Silver standard, our society will only become more corrupt.

There’s a reason it’s called “honest” money, you know?

I wish there was another way, but there’s not, and I wish the people could see that the way is with honest money, but most people will never see, and they will be economically devastated and financially ruined.

Honest question: Over the last century, call it from 1913, has the government taken the Peoples’ rights, or respected the Peoples’ rights?

In my opinion, corrupt politicians only become more oppressive, not the other way around, so asking them nicely to get some rights back is, well, futile.

They always want, and take, more.