About That LA Police Ambush: Here Come Trigger Happy Cops, Then Up-Armored Patrol Cars, And Then Roadside Bombs

Anybody else feel this will spiral out of control, with the Military Industrial Complex in general, and the Deep State Globalists specifically, loving it?

(by Half Dollar) I haven’t gone down the police ambush rabbit hole.

I don’t plan on going down it.

Nonetheless, the US Police State is jumping on the ambushing, and I think we all know the reason why: So that “law enforcement” can roll around in up-armored patrol cars at the very minimum, with MRAPS or up-armored Humvees most likely preferred.

If you haven’t heard about this ambush, here’s the LA County Sheriff’s Department:

Apparently two police officers were in a patrol car when some dude walked-up to it and fired into the car, striking the officers.

Here’s Fox News covering the attack:

Is $100,000 a “huge reward”?

Regardless, from that article (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced the six-figure reward late Sunday for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a person seen on dramatic video walking up to a stopped police car, opening fire and running away, critically injuring the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies inside.

Here’s the thing: In the absence of up-armor, this gives the police rather itchy trigger fingers at best, and it will make the police rather trigger happy whenever somebody approaches their vehicles at worst.

That, in and of itself, serves two Deep State Globalist purposes.

First, itchy trigger finger and trigger happy cops shooting people from inside their patrol cars will stoke the civil unrest fires, be them real, artificial, or whatever, and secondly, the Deep State Globalists will be able to respond by ramping up even more violent dystopia on Main Street.

Where this is headed, however, I suspect is someplace much, much darker: Bomb making.

Bombs are quite the shock-n-awe, you know.

In this “cat-n-mouse” game, either real, a false flag, a false flag hoax, or otherwise, small arms fire and things like Molotov Cocktails are countered with up-armor, but up-armor is countered with bombs and EFP’s, and not the COMEX EFP’s, but the molten copper projectiles that fire so fast they’ll, ahh, nevermind.

That’s where this looks like it is all headed to me, and it’s a dang shame.

Think about it this way: “Bomings” are a fact of life in many places in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, but not so much in North America in general, and in America specifically, yet.

The question is, how fast does it spiral out of control?