About That Border Wall: Not Understanding These Two Things Could Literally Get You Killed

There are two very serious misunderstandings about the border wall, and most, including the alternative media, do not get it. Here’s the details…

This post is probably going to make a lot of people mad.

I would ask you to have an open mind and be susceptible to what is really going on. There seems to be a major misunderstanding about the border wall, and not understanding this could get you killed.

First of all, I’m a US Army Iraq War Combat Veteran, and I also lived on the border in El Paso, Texas for nine years. I have gone into arguably one of the most if not the most dangerous cities in Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, regularly. I am near native bilingual in Spanish and my wife of 17 years is from Mexico. I tell you this because I want to establish my credibility because in a little while I will either make you mad or blow your mind.

I do not know why they are doing this, I only know what they are doing.

We’ll take these two things one by one but let me throw them both out there:

  1. The border wall is meant to keep American citizens in, not to keep bad stuff out.
  2. As a matter of practice, the U.S. government itself brings in more drugs, illegals, refugees, and myriad maladies way more than individuals or groups acting in their own self interests.

So about that border wall (point 1): The border wall is meant to keep American citizens in, not to keep bad stuff out.

It is a known fact that more Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than are coming here. This has been happening for years. Here’s a link and here’s another but there’s tons of information on the web about this. Said differently, Mexicans have already, on net, been leaving the United States.

For years Mexicans were not and now are not coming into the United States.

Now, as far as border security (we won’t even go into the ISIS camps on just the other side of the border, that’s an entirely different topic for some other day), what is already in place separating El Paso from Ciudad Juarez is a canal (which sometimes is filled with water) and two or three layers of high, chain link and razor wire topped fencing, with who knows what whizz-bang high-tech features, and if the natural deterring barriers/structures are not enough, there are border patrol agents parked in their heavy duty Jeep Wranglers or Chevy Tahoes about every 50 meters along the U.S. side.

Without a wall, there is already plenty of reasons people aren’t just jumping the fence as so many people would lead you to believe.

The point is that there is already plenty physical deterrents, even lethal deterrents, and I have never once, ever, seen a person trying to run across into the U.S.

It is important to understand that while the selling point is to keep the bad stuff out, in my opinion, it is really to keep the Patriots in, perhaps to cut off any bug-out in the event of the need to regroup or what not? I’m talking about, not if, but when, the coming civil unrest crosses the line to Civil War 2, the 2nd American Revolution, or whatever you want to call it.

Let me say my main point again: In my opinion – the purpose of the wall is to keep us in, not to keep people out.


I don’t know other than the tiny speculation pertaining to Patriots.

What is that thing about when the tyranny and police state really gets going the best and brightest minds flee to the safety and relative freedom of other places? Perhaps that’s why.

Regardless, the why is a trip down a long, dark road and I haven’t gone down it yet.

A development that solidified my theory on the border wall really being just a barrier/structure meant to keep us in is the construction of “asthetic towers” around the “Spaghetti Bowl”.

The Spaghetti Bowl in El paso is a place where I-10 and HWY 54 meet and intersect. The Spaghetti Bowl is that massive interchange from highway to interstate going to all points on the map. And it’s basically about half a mile from the border. The interchange of I-10 and HWY 54 has routes in all directions – East, West, North and South.

For now what I am saying probably doesn’t make sense, so let me throw up a visual aid to show both the “Asthetic towers” (as in they are “decorations”) and the intersection of I-10 and HWY 54:

I’m telling you, in my opinion, as somebody who drove all over the combat zones on the front lines in the Iraq War: THOSE ARE NOT JUST “AESTHETIC TOWERS”.

Those are gun towers.


Again, I don’t know.

What I do know is they are strategically placed, and the towers cover all routes of this main artery in El Paso, Texas, right there on the border.

Can I prove all of this?

Of course not.

Most of the people working on the hydrogen bomb had no idea what they were involved with. But my combat experience and the experience of living on the border and frequenting Mexico lead my gut to understand that this is what they are.

“Half Dollar’s fallen off his rocker again!”

Maybe. Maybe not.

Side rant-

Look, I get it.

We don’t want illegals coming in an taking jobs, benefits, bringing violence, etc. But just like the gun control argument, you can’t just put a law (or a wall) in place and think the problem is solved. It goes way beyond that.

Additionally, if there is anybody who wants less illegals here than anybody else out there, it is surely me. Navigating U.S. immigration with my wife was a major pain because of all the illegal gaming of the system that went on before me.

And, for five years, my property taxes went to pay for Ciudad Juarez cartel gunshot victim ER surgeries at Texas Tech University Medical Center (where they brought the gunshot victims). I was also not happy paying property taxes so that illegal children could attend U.S. public schools on my dime, go to UTEP or El Paso Community College, etc.

To say that I was directly hit in my wallet directly funding the activity on the local level of illegal immigration via state and local property taxes and taxing authorities is an understatement.

So I get it.

-Rant off.

Like I said, I am not sure why, but that wall is not meant to keep people out. It is meant to keep people in.

That probably makes you mad, or else cognitive dissonance is kicking in or whatever, but I can only say what I saw and experienced. This is coming from somebody who was on the front-lines, literally and figuratively.

So let’s move on to the second point shall we now that I have done a number in getting you all worked up?

So about that border wall (point 2): As a matter of practice, the U.S. government itself brings in more drugs, illegals, refugees, and myriad maladies way more individuals or groups acting in their own self interests.

When I was in garrison, I was rollin’ around the desert of Fort Bliss. I was a truck driver, heavy and medium, so I drove all over the huge Army grounds, including White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Oro Grande Training Range, McGregor Range, and Fort Bliss lands in general.

Again, I can’t prove what I am about to say, but it is my experience leading my gut to understand this.

I’ll just throw it out there: The U.S. government is bringing in and housing refugees in Oro Grande, and perhaps the government has set up more housing on the Army lands that we don’t know about.

I used to live in Northeast El Paso.

They built a Wal Mart grocery store at MLK & HWY 54. That was the closest grocery store from my house, so I went there a million times for last minute this or thats.

Here’s the strip mall map with the Wal Mart I’m talking about:

Before I left El Paso, I started noticing a huge influx of foreigners around North East El Paso.

By the looks of them, they were Middle Eastern, African, and Asian.

I believe these refugees are being housed in Oro Grande. Oro Grande is out of the way, off the beaten path, and many people don’t know about it, but they already have permanent structures there that could house literally thousands of refugees. And that’s not counting anything they built since I saw the place with my own eyes several years ago.

As a side note, I also dropped many a “connex” in the middle of the desert. Connexes are frequently turned into “shipping Container homes“, but I’m not sure really why I dropped off so many in the middle of the desert around the Texas/New Mexico border on federal land.

Back to the refugees.

One day, I was in the Wal Mart Market on a Sunday afternoon when most everybody was watching the Cowboys, but since I’m not into bread and circuses, I was fine going to Wal Mart during game time.

There was always less people in the stores when the Cowboys played so it was a pretty peaceful shopping experience.

And what a great time to take a bunch of refugees shopping for groceries wouldn’t you say?

Now I tell you, there should have been nobody in the grocery store that particular Sunday, but it was packed. There were probably 150 people in a little Wal Mart “Neighborhood Market”.

And guess what? Yup. They were all either Middle Eastern, African or Asian looking. Now, El Paso is about 85% hispanic, then white, then black, so all those foreigners at one time stuck out like a sore thumb.

Additionally, you know foreigners, especially the refugee type, when you see them. The clothes combinations they wear are a mix of Salvation Army type stuff all mix-matched together, and this was how basically everybody was dressed.

I got such a weird vibe that Sunday afternoon that I turned to my son, who I think was 9 or 10 at the time, and I asked him: Do these people look like they have ever been in a grocery store before?

My son, not understanding the depth of my inquiry, and being young, was able to say that it did look like those people have never been in a grocery store before.

When there are a couple hundred people walking around in a grocery store, not pushing carts, and not carrying baskets, turning around in the produce section as if they were in awe and wonder of the selection of veggies, standing in the middle of an isle staring at stuff they obviously couldn’t read but see in pictures, and just generally meandering around but not looking how regular people do when they shop in a grocery store, you get the idea.

In my opinion, these were refugees, and they were given a cash stipend to buy some groceries, and many of them had never seen a grocery store in the United States before or perhaps a grocery store anywhere in their lives.


Furthermore, when leaving the Wal Mart that Sunday, in the parking lot, parked a ways from the entrance (where I like to park), with backed in to their spots (how I like to park), were a number of plain white full-sized passenger vans and white men in plain clothes standing outside the vans smoking cigarettes. What I’m telling you is these were U.S. government officials who had brought these refugees there.

You see, the government likes to transport people in full size passenger vans, in small groups, to be more “discreet”, even though the shuttling itself sticks out like a sore thumb.

It’s not like there was a passenger van show in the parking lot and all the people who brought their vans were smokers.

You get my point. They were on a mission – to get the refugees there so they could use their cash stipend to buy some groceries or whatever.

Why there?

Because that Wal Mart is the very first grocery store you reach when driving from Oro Grande to El Paso:

It was nothing more than the logical place to go, during the optimum time when there would be very few people out and about.

El Pasoans love their Cowboys football you know.

So, again, like my first point, it is the same for my second:

Why is the government bringing in all these refugees, or who knows who these people were?

I don’t know.

All I can say is what I was seeing.

Remember all that talk about “unvetted” refugees?

Kind of makes you wonder.

And it makes sense that this is done on the down low because we read about all the trouble with the refugee crisis in Europe anyway.

Finally on to a side point about the U.S. government bringing in way more bad stuff than individuals, families or groups of people bring in illegally on their own.

Pablo Escobar’s son has said that his dad worked for the CIA smuggling cocaine into the United States, so we know the U.S. government, working with the cartels, are the bad hombres bringing the drugs in. Or the paid MS13 killers. Or whatever.

So, in my opinion, the government is bringing in refugees under the radar, possibly unvetted, but we know not the reason.

A border wall will not stop that.

And something I haven’t mentioned but is equally true: Just because you put a border wall up doesn’t mean you stop the corruption at the border.

Everybody wants to think the Border Patrol, ICE, Immigration and all those departments are full of people defending our borders, and while that may be true, which I’m not so sure, I am certain that those same agencies and departments are full of corrupt individuals who allow illegals and all sorts of stuff in – either for their own selfish interests or as part of a covert U.S. government action.

If we built a wall, they would just keep allowing all the nefarious things to continue, either because of the job duties or because of a bribe. So to that end, nothing will change with the addition of a border wall.

What I am trying to say more than anything is that the border wall is like the Patriot Act – it is the exact opposite of what it is called.

So let me repeat: The border wall is designed to keep us in, not to keep people out.

I cannot tell you who, what, when, or why, but I can tell it like I see it.

Does President Trump understand all of this this?

I don’t know.

If he does, then he is a bad guy after all, going along with the Deep State plans.

If President Trump does not know, then he is being played and doesn’t know it.

Perhaps initially Candidate Trump mentioned the border wall off the cusp, like he did so many things, and his supporters cheered it the same way liberals cheer every effort to take away our guns, so Candidate Trump rolled with it.

After all, Candidate Trump said so many things during his campaign. But the Deep State understands the importance of the wall, as I have argued here in this post, so for whatever reason, either indirectly or directly, ether psychologically, subliminally or overtly, the Deep State has made President Trump run with it.

But the wall is not for national security, and it is definitely not for our protection, unless of course you are a card-carrying member of the Deep State or a paid shill.

The wall is to stop us for some reason.

Maybe somebody smarter than me knows or understands the “why”?

I just know that if you do not understand what the border wall is, and what the wall is not, when we reach the tipping point in this nation, if a massive border wall is built, it will be used against Patriots, not for them as so many of them have been led to believe.

And with so much chatter in the alternative media about the importance of building that border wall, you would have thought that somebody could see it for what it really is and say something about it.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this, but seeing is believing and that feeling in my gut isn’t just indigestion.

Is it possible President Trump is thinking just as ‘ole Half Dollar and is building the wall to keep the Deep State from fleeing?

I doubt it. Their bug out plans or hunker down plans completely side step any wall along the southern border of the United States.

So it must be for something evil against the people, yet all I see in the alternative media is cheer-leading of the wall.

The wall is not your friend.

The wall is a direct action taken against We the People.

For whatever it is they have coming for us.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

Paul’s free book Gold & Silver 2.0: Tales from the Crypto can be found in the usual places like Amazon, Apple iBooks & Google Play, or online at PaulEberhart.com. Paul’s Twitter is @Paul_Eberhart.