A U.S. Holiday Turkey More Like The Size Of A Chicken, A “Stalk” Of Celery, And Global Urban MASS STARVATION To Ring In The New Year In 2022!

Enjoy the 2021 holidays, for things are about to go from super swell in the most booming US economy, ever, to global urban mass starvation…

(by Half Dollar) The Dollar Tree’s not playing around anymore.

Stinkin’ Greedy Corporations!

I mean, in true Costco style, you label yourself as a great “wholesale” option, but then severely restrict or flat out deny the sales to your customers.

That is to say, on the 16th of December, the Dollar Tree only let me purchase one case of my favorite coffee:

And when I did, Dollar Tree simply cancelled the order on me.

And not only that, but right now, nobody can order any of my favorite coffee at the moment.

Note To Self: Seriously consider one last 4-hour loop to hit-up every single Dollar Tree in the greater Toledo area and buy-up all of their coffee as these particular Dollar Tree stores have yet to hike their prices by 25%.

But I digress.

A rant on Costco and the Dollar Tree is not my intention today.

For I merely want to make a simple observation as we head into the home stretch of the holiday season.

First, back in November, as I was preparing our Thanksgiving turkey, I noticed it sure was a little fella:

Which could have just as easily been a coincidence.

But just yesterday, while Scavenging the Wastelands in this Zombie Apocalypse on a mission to locate and extract a stalk of celery for use in our Christmas dinner, I wasn’t feeling so coincident this second time around:


Something is seriously wrong with the food supply chain.

In my opinion, this shrinkflation-of-another-kind, which isn’t hard-measured in ounces or in milliliters but undeniably observed in the real world, as represented by the size of our stalk, is, in part, a logistics problem, and is, in part, a high cost of energy, fertilizer, feed, seed, and farming in general problem, and all of these problems are leading farmers to tough decision-making that generally means, among other things, including anything and everything, really, smaller turkeys and smaller stalks of celery.

Said differently, for a while there, my family was on the “cold-pressed juices” trend, or whatever in the heck it’s called, in which we would drink a glass of fresh juice every morning, and we would ram one stalk of celery through the Nama juicer every two days with four people drinking mixed-vegetable cold-pressed juice (juice made of celery, carrots, spinach, beets, etc), but now, looking at that sorry excuse for a stalk of celery above, if we were still on the cold-pressed juice thing, we’d need two stalks of celery for just one day of juice.

Yikes again!

In other words, the math doesn’t work out, and while the Brainwashed Masses, the Walmart Zombies and the Sheeple believe in countless fake math and myriad pretend science, the simple fact is that food price inflation, shrinkflation, and scamflation are about to become even bigger problems than they are right now.

And by “problems”, I mean, “global urban mass starvation”.

Shameless Plug Time: Kansas Wheat Farmer Brian Ochsner knows what he’s talking about:

And to say there are fundamental changes taking place in America would be to sugar-coat it.

What’s the bottom line as we get even closer to Christmas day, 2021?

All things considered, including things I’m not even allowed to talk about or write about, If you eat food, then you might just want to stock up on even more of it.

Big time.

Because 2022 is not looking good for the Visitors, and when it comes to the Home Team, well now, the thought that they could ever lose has never even crossed their minds.

It will be more than just a rude awakening…