A MASSIVE Amount Of Silver! “Silver-Backed” Exchange Traded Product Inflows TRIPLE In First Nine Months Of 2020…!?!

It’s a good thing there are no supply chain disruptions or anything because “silver-backed” products have added 297 million ounces, but that’s not all…

(by Half Dollar) It’s a good thing there are no supply chain disruptions this year!

Oh wait, there are.

And yet, “silver-backed” ETP inflows, as in, “paper silver products supposedly backed by the shiny phyzz”, were able to nearly triple the addition of ounces of silver, year on year, in the first nine months of the year?

Uh, sure they did.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, because in addition to the supposed huge inflows of silver into financialized products, “silver bullion coin sales” have risen a whopping 65% in the first nine months of 2020!

In other words, silver is flowing around the world like water.


The coins sales I believe, for all one has to do is go to any online bullion dealer’s website and look at the selection of bars, coins and rounds, and one will see many real products are out of stock, and yet we’re supposed to believe that all of these global ETPs managed to add nearly 300 million ounces without a single hiccup?

Well, if we believe that, silver should be surging in price and smashing through all time record highs!

Oh, wait.

It’s not:

We’re under twenty four buck and falling this Thursday morning!

Anyway, here’s part of the press release from The Silver Institute, which even has a handy graph (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

(Washington, D.C. – October 15, 2020) Investors sought security in silver-backed Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) in the first nine months of 2020, nearly tripling the amount amassed compared to the comparable period in 2019. Investors have also had a strong appetitite for investment in silver bullion coins and bars during the first three quarters of this year. Overall, this reflects both silver’s role as a safe haven asset and as a leveraged play on gold, as some investors expect silver to outperform the yellow metal.

Throughout the first nine months of the year, we’ve had, in addition to the Zombie Apocalypse, the lockdowns, the shutdowns, the travel bans and the travel restrictions, and, specifically affecting the global gold & silver markets, mine closures, refiner closures, mint closures, and logistics problems overall, but I guess none of that stuff mattered because the global silver machine is one well oiled machine!

Here’s the pretty chart:

This all reminds me of that saying, and it has something to do with holding it, or not holding it, or not owning it, or not something?


Probably nothing…