A.I. Breakthrough Could Disrupt the $11 Trillion Medical Sector

A massive disruption now appears imminent in one of the world’s largest – and most important – industries.

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In much the same way that Amazon disrupted the retail business – and how PayPal disrupted the payments industry – one under-the-radar health technology company now seeks to transform the $11.85 trillion global health industry.

By moving healthcare away from brick and mortar, traditional medicine into an AI-driven tool that offers unprecedented speed, efficiency, and accuracy…

Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) appears ready to change the face of medicine in a profound way.

Investors still have a brief window of opportunity to get in on this transformational investment opportunity while it still flies beneath Wall Street’s radar.

But as you’ll soon discover, this company’s technology is so powerful that it could become a valuable addition to hundreds of millions of households worldwide.

Consumers Are Increasingly Turning to Digital Technology to Manage Their Health

Whether most patients, providers, or large healthcare companies realize it or not, the healthcare industry is already in the early stages of significant change.

That’s because patients now desire access to more information – and better information – in the blink of an eye.

In a recent survey of U.S. health consumers, 71% reported facing major frustrations through their experience with healthcare providers. Concerns ranged from difficulties scheduling appointments to impersonal visits.

This means that the days of scheduling an appointment and spending hours in a doctor’s waiting room just to discuss a minor health issue could soon be long gone.

One billion people turn to Google each day to inquire about their health concerns. Wellness Apps were downloaded 1.2 billion times in 2020. And telemedicine grew 46% from 2019 to 2020.

And the Covid-19 pandemic only accelerated this change, as millions of patients adapted to telehealth and online options for healthcare faster than they had imagined they ever would.

Just as consumers are more frequently reaching out and demanding more powerful, digital options to help manage their health…along comes Treatment.com.

Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) is a disruptive, forward-thinking healthcare technology company that is using the power of Artificial Intelligence to help consumers improve their health through personalized recommendations and insights.

Treatment.com is Making Better Information Available More Easily…So Patients Can Have Better Outcomes

For five years, Treatment.com’s global team of doctors and engineers worked to build and train a powerful Treatment Global Library of Medicine AI platform, so that it can think like a doctor and help consumers improve their health in a way far more efficient than traditional healthcare options.

Their program proved to be so effective that the University of Minnesota Medical School actually licensed it for the purposes of testing its medical students.

They spent over $10 million dollars – over five years – and worked with more than 100 doctors and 75 technical people to build the most personalized, intelligent healthcare AI on the planet.

Leading the effort to build this AI has been the company’s founder and CEO, John Fraser, a pioneer in the healthcare IT space who previously founded and led a healthcare IT company that was acquired for $1.2 billion.

In addition, the company’s technical team – responsible for building the AI – is led by some of Canada’s foremost experts on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Treatment.com assembled the latest and best information possible into a global library of medicine, providing consumers with access to high-quality health information regardless of who they are or where they live.

The end result of this groundbreaking development is the company’s potentially disruptive new AI health assistant app, known as CARA.

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Treatment’s Mobile App, in CARA is designed to give both caregivers and consumers the power to stay on top of their health and the health of their families.

Consumers are already turning to digital technology – in the form of Google searches or primitive health apps – to understand their general health and get answers to questions about their conditions.

Now… with the launch of CARA – Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) has hopes of permanently changing the access to healthcare for millions of patients.

In much the same way that consumers moved from brick-and-mortar shopping to the convenience and speed of Amazon…those patients seeking better healthcare solutions will now have access to a revolutionary new AI-driven platform.

Answers to health questions – and access to superior medical knowledge – are now available at your fingertips…24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is a true game-changer for the healthcare industry, as the global database of knowledge comes together with convenient, easy-to-use app technology – all driven by powerful AI that allows the consumer to have uninterrupted access to an app truly designed to “think like a doctor.”

CARA is unlike other healthcare apps in that it takes into consideration the medical history and individual characteristics of every person that can impact the likelihood of a disease. Factors that other online assessment tools simply ignore.

In addition, CARA learns from the consumer’s medical profile, wearable data and individual tracking data. CARA then leverages the insights and recommendations developed by the company’s proprietary AI to build easy and supportive tools to help ensure great health.

The CARA app also offers a comprehensive health and wellness tracking and analytics platform that integrates seamlessly with wearable devices (such as Apple Watch or Fitbit) so the company can seek to efficiently capitalize on the multi-trillion-dollar wellness industry.

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CARA allows consumers to…

  • Keep Track of Loved Ones – Manage multiple profiles from a single account and easily keep track of family.
  • Manage Intelligent Follow-Ups – CARA will follow up to make sure the consumer is staying on top of symptoms and provide access to the latest prevention insights and tips.
  • Share the Knowledge – At any time, a patient can take their health assessment to their family doctor or other healthcare provider.
  • Track Symptoms – Track a symptom or medical condition over time to see how things have changed and stay on top of health concerns.

Treatment.com Partners with MentorMate to Create the Future of Healthcare AI

Just recently – on September 15 – Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) took another significant step toward making CARA available to hundreds of millions of consumers.

That’s the date that the company announced the consolidation of its advanced AI development capabilities with MentorMate, a leading healthcare software development firm based in the United States.

MentorMate is a global leader in mobile application development, with over 700 developers in the United State and the EU. Headquartered in Minneapolis near Treatment’s US operations, MentorMate specializes in advanced solutions for leading health care organizations

With over 19 years in business and over 1,400 completed projects, MentorMate has the experience and scale to support rapidly expanding products – which makes the company ideal to team up with Treatment.com.

This exciting new collaboration consolidates the expertise of Treatment.com’s Global Library of Medicine, as well as support and maintenance of Cara, with MentorMate’s expertise. Together, these two companies have the depth and experience to support Treatment.com’s world-class medical AI products.

MentorMate’s proven track record in delivering high-quality health care software demonstrates they have the experience to deliver and support Treatment.com’s growing portfolio of healthcare solutions.

Multiple Revenue Streams Could Mean High Upside Potential for Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE) Investors

Of course, building a great AI platform – and bringing to market a powerful app such as CARA – is only part of the equation for Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE)(OTC:TREIF).

When evaluating the company’s investment potential, it’s important to see a clear, consistent path toward revenue. And in the case of Treatment.com, the company has three distinct revenue streams that add to its attractiveness:

Revenue Stream #1: Mobile App SubscriptionsTreatment.com’s (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) CARA app provides health insights and recommendations that offer deep consumer value. Consumers have demonstrated their willingness to pay for useful mobile wellness apps, and Treatment.com’s app is positioned well thanks to its powerful, proprietary AI platform.

Revenue Stream #2: Health & Wellness Platform – The second revenue stream involves Treatment.com’s leveraging of its health knowledge to recommend paid products and services to consumers. These can include telemedicine, clinics, pharmacies, wellness practitioners, and health products.

Revenue Stream #3: Clinical & Academic Applications – The company plans to leverage its AI for products in the medical industry, including university medical school training, as has already been done at the University of Minnesota Medical School. In addition, Treatment.com’s AI allows for integration with health clinics, resulting in more efficient, accurate healthcare visits.

On top of those initial projected revenue streams, the potential value of the patient insights and data collected by the company’s app could also have enormous value for third parties such as insurance providers, doctors’ offices, and government entities.

Access to this health data will provide deep insights, trends, and predictions that could allow these providers to provide better, more impactful health services on a broad scale.

Treatment.com is Led by an Expert Medical and Technical Team

In order for a healthcare technology company to be successful, it’s essential for it to have access to the most experienced, intelligent technical and medical minds available.

And that’s precisely the type of expertise Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) has assembled with its leadership team.

The company’s founder and CEO, John Fraser, is a software and technology expert who has built and sold several healthcare software companies. His first company, Ability Networks, was purchased by Inovalon for $1.2 billion.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Peterson is a true pioneer in the industry, with 35 years of experience as a professor at the University of Minnesota. He has been the Principal Investigator (PI) or site-PI on many National Institutes of Health-funded studies, and the creation of an international electronic surveillance and research infrastructure. 

Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Rob Scott is the founder of Remedy, an allied healthcare professional online consulting company. Dr. Scott has been doing informatics research for over 20 years, specializing in the area of patient self-care, developing technologies that support patient empowerment.

Director of Machine Learning Research Dr. Martin Michalowski is a leading expert in automated reasoning. He is co-founder of two technology-based companies and the tech lead of another. And he is the organizing chair of the Expanding the Boundaries of Health Informatics using Artificial Intelligence (HIAI) workshop held at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference

Statistician and Data Scientist Dr. Ray Artz has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Statistics and 30 years’ experience in the Defense Industry. And he has served as a System Analyst, Computer System Architect, and Software Developer for numerous development projects including the NEXRAD Doppler Weather Radar System and the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. 

And Director of AI Research Dr. David Poole is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the winner of the Canadian AI Association (CAIAC) 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Treatment.com Appears to Be an Undervalued, Under-the-Radar Opportunity Worthy of Serious Consideration

When compared with other companies in the space – many of which are still privately held – Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) appears to offer investors an attractive, investment opportunity in a company that has the potential for significant growth in valuation.

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It appears that Treatment.com could have significant upside potential based solely on the valuations of its competitors (see chart above.)

But the true potential of this opportunity could reach far beyond such comparables due to the big tech platform built by doctors for doctors on a global scale

This is a company that appears to be on the verge of bringing massive disruption to the $11.85 trillion healthcare industry…at the precise time when consumers are demanding just such a disruption.

With a powerful, easy-to-use app – driven by its proprietary AI – Treatment.com is bringing consumers the type of improved healthcare access they’ve been searching for.

Opportunities for true disruption – as seen with companies like Amazon, PayPal, and Netflix – are truly rare.

It’s almost impossible to think of a world before those companies transformed their industries…just as it may soon be impossible to think back to the days of our outdated, inefficient healthcare system.

Treatment.com (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) offers the potential to bring an Amazon-style disruption to the healthcare industry at precisely the right time. This is one to keep a close eye on.

By. Tom Kool

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