A Future Of Deals Or A Future Of Wars Hinges On Trump Cooperating With China And Russia

“If Trump goes with the British model, it will lead to profound economic crisis for the United States and the world…” Here’s the other option…

by Harley Schlanger of Larouche PAC:

President Trump’s Trip to Germany and the G20 Summit. President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping | July 8, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

A Japanese newspaper has raised the prospect that President Donald Trump’s crucial June 12 summit with D.P.R.K. leader Kim Jong-un may be joined by China’s President Xi Jinping. This report, sourced to an unnamed American official, is not at all confirmed. But the potential of the leaders of the three Armistice countries of the Korean War meeting, with the included goal of ending it with a treaty, is a very significant one for that summit furthering peace and economic progress in the world.

More important, however, is that President Trump decide between his own campaigning for Alexander Hamilton’s “American System” to “make America great again,” and the British system of high profits from trade and cheap labor, which his party and advisors push on him.

Why? Because the decision for the American System means joining in cooperation with China’s extraordinary Belt and Road Initiative of great infrastructure projects, which itself culminated decades and decades of China’s learning and adopting Hamilton’s economics with Chinese characteristics. And that will make President Trump’s Korea “deal” succeed.

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea has already submitted a peace plan to the North Korean leader, to build new infrastructure to integrate the Korean Peninsula into the Belt and Road Initiative; so even if the mooted third leader at the June 12 Singapore summit were to turn out to be President Moon, the decisive issue will remain the same.

Secretary of State Pompeo’s discussion of preparing that summit, on “Fox News Sunday” today, showed the great problem of the influence of British imperial economics. “U.S. private companies — not American taxpayers’ money — will go in and help North Korea develop a 21st-century economy” if it gives up its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, Pompeo said.

Those corporations’ profit visions will clash with the project integral to denuclearization and peace: To bring the Peninsula into the whole Eurasian Land-Bridge development, the whole sweep of new connectivity from Japan to Paris and Madrid.

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche told China’s Weixing Satellite Communications that if Trump goes with the British model, it will lead to profound economic crisis for the United States and the world. “Under those conditions, the entire trans-Atlantic system will descend into chaos. If he goes …. with the Belt and Road Initiative, this new economic community in Eurasia will have the exact opposite effect.”

President Trump continued to have that impulse, even in the conflicted question of trade with China. He tweeted May 13, “President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!”

The Belt and Road uniquely can make Trump’s Korea “deal” work.

The President clearly also wants a new and comprehensive Mideast “deal” with Iran, and believes that intensive economic pressure — better called financial warfare — will get one. But here he walks straight toward the trap of British geopolitics. British intelligence assets in Israel and Saudi Arabia do not want a new Iran “deal,” but an Iran war, another step on the descent from Iraq, to Libya, to Syria, to Yemen wars which lead to the hell of war with nuclear-weapons power Russia.

Trump can achieve nothing in Southwest Asia without the summit with Putin which he clearly wants, and which British and U.S. intelligence are furious to prevent him from having.

Again, from Weixing Satellite Communications coverage April 13, “In an interview with this news service, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the president of the Schiller Institute said that the sooner President Trump and the Russian President can meet, the quicker they can put an end to the danger of a conflict. ‘Precisely at the point that President Trump was expressing that wish, many operations within the United States were set into motion to prevent that from happening.”

Helga LaRouche’s forecast here also involves Trump’s United States itself returning to that Hamiltonian “American System of Economy,” as specified in the “four new laws” proposed by her husband Lyndon LaRouche since 2014. The measures start with the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act, breaking up the biggest Wall Street and London-centered banks, without which the financial crash she warned about, can sweep all “deals” away.