8 US Cases, 14,500+ Worldwide And 1st Death Outside China: Wuhan Coronavirus 02-02-2020 Update

Massachusetts joins the list of states with confirmed cases, and people returning to the US requiring quarantine will be quarantined on U.S. military bases… 

(Silver Doctors Editors) Here’s a round-up of the latest Wuhan Coronavirus news.

An eighth case in the United States has been confirmed.

From the Massachusetts Department of Public Health:

BOSTON — The first case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in Massachusetts has been confirmed in a man returning from Wuhan, China who is in his 20s and lives in Boston. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) were notified by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the positive test results late Friday evening. This is the eighth case of infection with 2019 novel coronavirus reported in the United States. The risk to the public from the 2019 novel coronavirus remains low in Massachusetts.

A 44 year-old man is the first death outside of China.

From Reuters:

A 44-year-old Chinese man from the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, the epicenter of the epidemic, traveled to the Philippines and died there on Saturday, the Philippines Department of Health said.

Here’s a snapshot of Johns Hopkins outbreak tracker at 10:06 a.m. EST (zoomed-in to show US, Canada):

Current CDC recommendations (yellow highlight added to screenshot for emphasis:

The HHS has declared this to be a public health emergency in the United States, although mirroring the CDC, the risk is “low at this time” (as of Friday):

Secretary Azar Declares Public Health Emergency for United States for 2019 Novel Coronavirus
Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency for the entire United States to aid the nation’s healthcare community in responding to 2019 novel coronavirus.

“While this virus poses a serious public health threat, the risk to the American public remains low at this time, and we are working to keep this risk low,” Secretary Azar said. “We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all Americans, and this public health emergency declaration is the latest in the series of steps the Trump Administration has taken to protect our country.”

The emergency declaration gives state, tribal, and local health departments more flexibility to request that HHS authorize them to temporarily reassign state, local, and tribal personnel to respond to 2019-nCoV if their salaries normally are funded in whole or in part by Public Health Service Act programs. These personnel could assist with public health information campaigns and other response activities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working closely with state health departments on disease surveillance, contact tracing, and providing interim guidance for clinicians on identifying and treating coronavirus infections. HHS is working with the Department of State to assist in bringing home Americans who had been living in affected areas of mainland China. HHS divisions also are collaborating with industry to identify and move forward with development of potential diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics to detect, prevent, and treat 2019-nCoV infections.

In declaring the public health emergency, Secretary Azar acted within his authority under the Public Health Service Act. This declaration is retroactive to January 27, 2020.

This U.S. public health emergency declaration follows a declaration by the World Health Organization that spread of the virus constituted a public health emergency of international concern.

The US military will have a critical role quarantine efforts.

From AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Saturday approved a request from the Department of Health and Human Services for the possible use of military facilities to accommodate 1,000 people who may have to be quarantined upon arrival from overseas due to a new virus.

A Defense Department statement said HHS officials requested the use of several facilities capable of housing at least 250 people in individual rooms through Feb. 29. HHS would be responsible for all care, transportation and security of the evacuees, according to the statement.

The viral outbreak began in China, where the death toll rose to 259 on Saturday. More than 11,900 people have been infected with the coronavirus globally, the vast majority of them on the Chinese mainland.

China’s markets are set to open after all, and it seems the PBOC will manipulate the market by pumping money into it.

From Reuters:

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s central bank said it will inject 1.2 trillion yuan ($173.8 billion) worth of liquidity into the markets via reverse repo operations on Monday, as the country prepares to reopen its stock markets amid a new coronavirus outbreak.

China’s authorities have pledged to use various monetary policy tools to ensure liquidity remains reasonably ample and to support firms affected by the virus epidemic, which has so far claimed 305 lives, all but one in China.

The People’s Bank of China made the announcement in a statement published on its website on Sunday, adding the total liquidity in the banking system will be 900 billion yuan higher than the same period in 2019 after the injection.

A look at the Shanghai Gold Exchange shows the market will be open tomorrow (notice the last paragraph, bold added for emphasis):

All members,

According to the announcement and requirement of the General Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China on extending the 2020 Chinese New Year Holiday, Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) hereby announces the extension of market close. Detailed adjustments are as below:

1.The market will remain closed on January 31st (Friday), that is, the market will be closed from January 24th (Friday) to February 2nd (Sunday), and will open for trading on February 3rd (Monday).
2.From the first trading day without the limit-locked market after the trading resumes on February 3rd (Monday), margin rates for Au(T+D), mAu(T+D), Au(T+N1), Au(T+N2), NYAuTN06, NYAuTN12 will return to 6%, and their price limits will return to 5% starting from the following trading day. Margin rate for Ag(T+D) will return to 7%, and its price limit will return to 6% starting from the following trading day.
3.In spot trading and benchmark price trading, members and customers will perform physical delivery on T+2 based on the adjusted trading date: i.e., if trading day was January 22nd, the delivery day will be February 3rd; if trading day was January 23rd, the delivery day will be February 4th.
4.In price asking trading, for contracts with the expiry date of January 31st, the delivery day will be postponed to February 3rd.
5.Members and customers shall make preparations for fund and bullion accordingly. In addition, if members and/or customers have applied for bullion withdrawal and the Application of Take-delivery is still within the withdrawal period, such withdrawal deadline will be extended accordingly.
6.The VAT Special Invoice for gold and platinum contracts that were withdrawn between January 15th and January 23rd, and the VAT Special Invoices for transaction fees, storage fees and other fees that occurred between January 20th and January 23rd will be issued by SGE on February 3rd.

All members (including international members) shall properly control the market risk, duly adjust system parameters and kindly inform and remind your customers, so as to ensure the stable operation of the gold market; and to devote every effort to strengthen the implementation of prevention and control measures to block the spread of the epidemic.

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