4th Of July Musings From A Deplorable American Reminiscing About The Good Old Days

For those who yearn for a return of the good old days, this one’s for you…

(by Half Dollar) Happy Fourth of July!

First of all, as many people know, I’ve always been a Deplorable, but I’ve never been a Red Hat.

Anyway, my family was planning to do something fun this weekend, but in the end, with everything either closed, cancelled, or a pain in the butt to pull-off, we just bought some steaks at Costco for grillin’ at home.

It is, after all, that rebate time of the year!

Too bad we don’t have a grill.

Oh well.

Pan fried sirloins they’ll be.

Don’t judge.

This Fourth of July, I’d like to thank everybody for being readers of Silver Doctors, and I’d also like to say two things.

Firstly, I’ve still got over a quarter of a tank of gas in my car, which I last filled-up in early March (I’m excluding Wifey’s Jeep, which we have filled-up maybe three or four times now, which is still way less gasoline than her Jeep would be consuming, pre-TEOTWAWKI).

Why do I want to share that?

Because I would consider my family typical, and on that note, typical gas guzzlers.

That’s why.

That is to say, we are that stereotypical white, middle class family that it’s now totally cool to hate on.

I guess all of the problems in this country come down to my kind?

And to think, I thought all of the problems in this country come down to the fact that we disregarded the US Constitution and corrupted our Money.

Well, that’s what I get for thinking!

But I digress.

We are the typcial family.

I’ve got the cookie cutter house with all of the amenities to prove it.

You know the ones: The wife, two kids, a dog, a turtle, polite neighbors, garage-kept cars and a yard that’s regularly cut with nary a piece of trash.

No shame.

It’s called “hard work”.

And I do have a point to make here: With two teenagers in the house rockin’ the latest and greatest iPhones, we do go to many places, and we do many things, most of which equates to me burning a lot of gasoline and parting ways with my hard earned money on overpriced stuff.

And yet this year, since mid-March?

Well, let me put it this way: Anybody who thinks the recovery has begun is an idiot.

Or a Deep State Globalist.

Or a shill.

Take your pick.

Secondly, for those how yearn for a return to the good old days, here’s a little trip down Nostalgia Lane:

Your mileage may vary…