21 Ways You’re Prepping Wrong (Food, Guns, Gold, Silver And Beyond)

Cities will be a death trap, and count on bartering with gold & silver?

By Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver Fortune

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Intro 1:00
It’s All About the Calories 3:52
It’s All About the Calories (pt 2) 9:47
Poop Happens 16:30
Embrace Multi-Generation and Multi-Family Housing 21:59
Don’t Forget Grandma and Grandpa 25:00
What are You Dependent On? 36:11
Don’t Be Dumb with Guns 40:50
Be Realistic About Gardening, Foraging, and Hunting 45:24
Cities Will be a Death Trap 50:59
Be Prepared; Millions Will Flee the Cities 59:34
Bug In, Not Out 1:08:30
Don’t Count Out Communication Networks and the Internet 1:13:45
Any Energy Source is Better Than None 1:20:25
Lose Weight 1:26:30
Know Your Climate 1:31:47
Don’t Count on Bartering With Silver and Gold 1:46:34
Government Can Be Good 1:50:39
Be Prepared to Serve 1:56:19
House Fires are a Legitimate Threat 1:59:51
Pay Attention to Air Quality 2:03:35
Don’t Neglect Leisure 2:08:15
Conclusion 2:12:04

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