This may be the start of something bigger. Just last week we posted Fed President Kashkari’s Pep Talk to small community banks. Wow have things changed in just one week…This is precisely why we discuss keeping some assets out of the banking system. Gold and silver have no counterparty risk if they are in your pocket, in a safe, or in a hole in the backyard.

If this type of Fed enforcement picks up steam, things could turn ugly fairly quickly:


Let’s not forget that just two months ago, the “largest” bank holding companies had “strong capital levels”:



And while there is a difference between a small bank and a large bank, we would like to remind people that in 2008, it was not a small bank, but “hedge fund” Bear Stearns that got bailed out by the Fed in what many people date as the start of the 2008 Financial crisis:




Lehman Brothers, less than six months later, was not bailed out.

And that is how quickly things can unfold. Something as insignificant as this new Fed Enforcement can be the new trigger. If it is, we will know in just a few short months…