New School Meet Old School: A Lesson in Sound Money

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History tells us, time and time again, that only gold and silver are money.  The Dollar, British Pound, the Chinese Yuan, the Mexican Peso, and all that other crap is just disgusting and embarrassing blips on the timeline of monetary history.  As has always been the case, we humans, regardless of nations and regardless of borders, we always go back to real money:  Real money is gold and silver.

All currency systems that are not based on gold and silver always fail.  There are no exceptions.

With the exception that once the hunger pangs begin, those smiles will turn to either anger and violence or despair and desperation.

For the most part in my quest to inform you, I will be discussing silver more than gold.  I like silver better because silver is the money of the people.  This is the way that you and I can relate much better.  Whether you are an unskilled day laborer or a specialized neurosurgeon, you can get paid in and use silver.  Gold, on the other hand, is the money of nations.  Gold is what the governments hold in their various vaults, and they use that gold to buy things, such as oil, rice, wheat, weapons, land, and they use gold to pay debts.

Both gold and silver go back thousands of years in serving as money.  You see, gold and silver are specifically mentioned in the United States Constitution, but they are also specifically mentioned in ancient texts as well.  Let’s start at the Bible.  Seems like a good place to start because that is what I know and that is what I believe.  Now, whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or Mormon, or of any religion or none at all for that matter, for the sake of starting at some point in time, understand that the very first book in the Holy Bible, the Book of Genesis, is filled with references of gold and silver.  Some cool places to check out the references would be chapters 2, 13, 43, and 44.  But gold and silver are not one-and-done in the book of Genesis.

In fact, the importance of money is so great, and the importance of gold and silver even greater, that there are references of gold and silver all over the place. And they go beyond mere reference.  For example, in the book of Leviticus, which is third book in the Bible, we see the concepts of weights and measures in chapter 27.  Keep that in mind, because weights and measures are an important dynamic of gold and silver, and I will teach you all about it as you read on.

For now, just understand that gold and silver have always been money.  When shells, seeds, feathers, and all those other little cutesy things were fighting it out with the precious metals, in the end, the winner was clear, and it was a tag-team:  Gold and silver.  You can start in ancient times long before the Bible, or you can talk about modern, contemporary times, but one thing is certain.  For most of human civilization, gold and silver has been money.  Gold and silver will be money once again my friends.  It is much closer than you can imagine.

This push towards the “digital age” is merely an attempt to keep the people from understanding gold and silver again, but this will fail, and again, and it will fail again. I will explain it, but for now, we need a starting point for our friends out there in the cyberspace who may not be aware, so we would normally start with two small documents that arguably have had more impact on our lives than any other comparably sized documents in history: the United States Constitution, and the Coinage Act of April 2, 1792,  but the importance and significance of the gold standard is for another day.

Today, we just need to ask ourselves, why do we need gold and silver? For our American starting point, let’s start with the Declaration of Independence.  Some goldbugs argue that while the words “gold” and “silver” do not appear directly in the Declaration of Independence. However, precisely because of what was going on at the time, and even during the writing of the Declaration, we see that there is a need for gold and silver right from the start. Much blood was shed to free ourselves from the chains of debt based fiat currency en route to sound money.

The Declaration of Independence is a very short read, yet it is so very powerful. While it takes only minutes to read, and while it is just as relevant in 2017 as it was in 1776, it is clear that in the Declaration of Independence, Americans in the process of setting up true, honest, and sound money with gold and silver.  For your convenience, I have taken relevant parts to discuss just how important gold and silver are, and to show you that we have been facing a new evil for far too long, and that, once we realize we are facing an evil that gets its power by denying us gold and silver, we can take back our own power as individuals, families and communities, and live in freedom with liberty of our actions.

In fact, you can just feel it when you read the Declaration.  The Founding Fathers were about to have an awakening, and  after the this awakening, like all other awakenings before it, reminds us, that always, throughout history, humans return to gold and silver once the system is so broken that it can no longer be fixed.  Sometimes systems must be torn down and we have to start over again.  A reset if you will.  Or you could call it a do-over. At any rate, this fiat US dollar we got now is crumbling and going down in flames.

The words in the Declaration set the stage for the inclusion of the words “Gold and Silver Coin” in the Constitution.  Granted, there was a ton of bloodshed, death and destruction in between, but that is what was required to tear down the broken system and start fresh.  I recommend reading the Declaration of Independence in its entirety, which is something I do once a year on the Fourth of July.  In my humble attempt to show present day relevance, I have taken the liberty to re-write the declaration for you, kind of like a second edition, social media approved and shortened so that it can be enjoyed and understood in one simple paragraph.  Progress my friends, progress.

The actual Declaration of Independence words are presented in the order in which they appear in the actual document, and [the words in brackets are my words, added for emphasis and explanation].  Without further ado, I present to you, The Unabridged Revised 2017 Declaration of Independence for the 21st Century:

[We are free people and we are not your slaves.] Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle [us by our] Creator with Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  [But] under absolute despotism, the patient sufferance, [there is an evil relentless in] the establishment of absolute tyranny.  By fatiguing [us] into compliance [with thousands of useless rules, laws and regulations, and worse yet, overbearing] invasions on the rights of the people.  In times of peace [to smash us into complete and total submission and obedience, the evil people in government have filled our streets with] standing armies without [our] consent. [And when police or military kill us, or take our things away from us, instead of justice we have a sick joke that we call a trial], for any murders which they should commit.

For cutting off our Trade [and the ability to buy and sell the goods and services we choose as free-willed individuals], and for imposing Taxes on us without our Consent, for depriving us, for abolishing the free System, waging war against us [because Patriotic Americans, you know, are the real enemy.  It is not the terrorists or the Taliban, or ISIS or whatever Group du Jour.  No, according to the government and the MSM, it is those who just want America to be America who are the enemies, so the government has] plundered, ravaged, burnt and destroyed the lives of our people.  [These evil, power hungry psychopaths and sociopaths have] mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation, tyranny, cruelty, in the most barbarous [of ways]. [Government employees] become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, [and the elite, especially in Washington, DC, have done a great job of dividing us and] excited domestic insurrections amongst us.  In every stage of the Oppressions we have petitioned [peacefully, even when you’ve made it practically impossible, but] our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.  We have warned you from time to time [that there is a limit, and if pushed too far, we will lash out.  You see, we just want to] conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things [that we naturally] may of right do.

If you start from 1787 and continue until 1933, we used gold coins in America.  In 1933, unconstitutionally in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, by executive order, President Roosevelt took measures to demonetize gold, and to essentially force our great-grandparents to go turn in their gold coins to the bank in exchange for dollars.  He gave them a year to do this.  Ah, how nice of him.  When our great-grandparents turned in their gold, they were given a shiny new $20 bill and 67 cents.  They could be fined $10,000 or be imprisoned for those who did not comply. Talk about the government stealing our money. Why is that so bad you say?  Well, when pretty much all of the gold that was going to be turned in was actually turned in, the government whipped up the Gold Reserve Act in 1934 and revalued the price of gold to $35 an ounce.  In other words, what you used to be able to buy for an ounce of gold, representing $20.67, immediately cost you $35 dollars.

And that is how we got robbed of our gold.  Basically the president whipped up an executive order, threatened jail time and massive fines, and together with their corrupt cohorts made a ton of money on the revaluation.  That was in 1933.  So we went 146 years with gold until we got to that point.  1933 to 2017 is 84 years.  See?  We have used gold as money for longer than we have not.  Gold works.

Silver was used as money for even longer.  If we start from 1787 again, we come to understand that silver was taken out of our money in 1965.  That is to say, from 1787 through 1964, our dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars were made of 90% silver.  This means that silver was used in the United States for 178 years as money, and it has only been in the last 52 years that we have not carried silver around in our pockets.

The point I am making is that our country, the middle class, the high standard of living, the freedom, the liberty and the wonderful things that made America so prosperous were all because our money was honest. Money was sound. What has happened since that last precious metal was taken out of America?  Well, let’s see, we have had the War of Poverty, the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism, The war on homelessness, and all sorts of wars, which never ever end, and worst yet, these wars would have never been if only we took care of our money and heeded the instructions in the Constitution.

Remember, you and I are either brainwashed, distracted, doped-up, lost, stupid, or just don’t care, for we have done it to ourselves by letting people who are truly evil, people who really do want to ruin you, your pregnant wife, your kids, and these evil people who stole the nation’s gold and silver could care less if we ever make it out of debt slavery. At least in the 1860s we gave a fight to end slavery, but now, who will fight for all of us since basically we are all in the same boat of involuntary indentured servitude?

It wasn’t always this way.  Ordinary Americans used buy and sell their goods and services with real money.  Instead of carrying paper bills or plastic cards, and long before payday loans and late fees, we used to carry gold and silver coins.  What took hundreds of years, and real blood, sweat and tears to establish, has been completely erased from our collective memory and our cultural identity.

We no longer recall that we ever used real money, and cheap credit and new technologies have created a narcissistic super-selfie society struggling to culturally identify.  What a shame.  If the link to our money had not been severed, we could identify even with people we don’t like, because we would have the common bond of a solid economy based on the honest use of gold and silver, and when the money is based in gold in silver, while we might not have much in common with somebody we do not like, we would have the common appreciation for a great monetary system that the US dollar was built on.

Hard work and, perhaps more importantly, gold and silver, created the middle class in the United States.  I argue that we can once again regain the control of real money, and only if we do that can we then regain some sense of culture in the United States, and once again, we can have a flourishing middle class, based on freedom and liberty.  Only a renewed middle class can save us from the dustbin of history, and we may thrive again during the 21st century; a century which many scholars and academics wrote off years ago.

Sadly, they wrote off the 21st American Century, because they have “forgotten” about gold and silver, with the exception of the evil ones acting to destroy the perception and maintain the amnesia.  Further, Scholars, academics and institutionalized individuals such as government bureaucrats and politicians underestimate the people of the United States, but that when the train gets rolling on some shiny new tracks, they better not be standing on the tracks because it is full steam ahead.

Today, the oldest living Americans no longer have a clue of what real money was like, even though some of them are old enough to have used silver coins regularly.  Silver was illegitimately removed from our coins in 1965.  Gold had it worse than silver as 1933, as previously mentioned.  Now, if to an intellectual, then gold and silver are what we now call “honest” or “sound” money.  Those words are not fitting descriptors.  Back in the day it was just called “money”.

If you do not understand what I am talking about think of about the “preppers” out there.  Back in the day, there was no such thing as a “prepper.”  There were just smart people who had the common sense to take care of themselves.  You see, when we give gold and silver lofty names like “honest”, the association between money and metal subconsciously becomes a mere pipe dream.  “Honest money” becomes a dead language of academics who think they are better than you and pretend to have a superior vocabulary.

Our 20th and 21st century post-industrial United States became dishonest long before we now know what is going on.  The haunting shrieks of restless American ghosts fall on deaf ears.  The shrieks tell us they are sad and they are angry.  Nice combo if you ask me.  Nothing motivates a person more than sadness and anger.

For decades, the American Spirit has been crying out, pleading, “Return to gold and silver”.  If you listen closely, with an open mind, you may still hear a few of those spirits telling us what we need to do.  We need to return to the precious metals, but we don’t listen. Soon the last of the American spirits will no longer cry out to us.  The tears are drying up.  There is only so much crying that can be done.  We have sold ourselves out for a worthless buck, and we will force an even worse fate on our children.  They will have to put it back together and that most likely includes another serious amount of bloodshed in this country not been suffered for more than 150 years.

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