sd-kranzlerMainstream media is alleging that Russia meddled in the American election by spreading “fake news.”
Is the END OF FREE SPEECH Dead Ahead!?


COMRADES Doc & Dave:
Silver Doctors and David Kranzler’s Investment Research Dynamics Blog are now on mainstream media’s “red-flag” list of supposed “Russian propaganda outlets.”

Kranzler says the mainstream media is trying to discredit the alternative media.

Even the websites of Ron Paul, David Stockman, and Paul Craig Roberts were found on the list.
Smearing these patriots is disgraceful, Kranzler says.

The mainstream media are the true propaganda artists, Kranzler reveals. The mainstream media is guilty of the same crime they’re accusing the Russian government of.

Kranzler says the mainstream media this election season was obviously biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. Will Trump hold the mainstream media accountable?

Will he “drain the swamp” in D.C.? Kranzler has his doubts.

The corrupt system won’t change substantially, he says. Kranzler isn’t excited for Trump. “The good news is Hillary lost,” Kranzler says, “The bad news is Trump won.”

Market manipulation also shapes the public’s perception. With gold dropping and the stock market hitting all-time highs, the public sees the economy booming. Kranzler ends by giving his insight on how to filter out the mainstream propaganda and find out what’s real.

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