British Geo-Political Expert Says “The Entire U.S. Naval Fleet Will Be Sunk”

The MSM may be pushing the “Hate In America” agenda, but North Korea is far from over. Here’s the latest analysis from across the pond, including risks of hot war and global shift away from the US dollar…

While the MSM is consumed with domestic hate themes, London Paul joins the X22 Report Spotlight for a breakdown the the geo-political tensions with a focus on North Korea. Paul says the United States is not in a position where it can engage the North Koreans in a shooting war, because conflict in the region would force an all-out assault on the U.S. Navy.

Discussion of the move away from the US Dollar is also a major concern for the U.S. adding financial problems on top of geo-politics. London Paul explains how the United States is stuck no matter what move it makes.

This is a must hear interview for anybody who needs to get caught up on the latest news from the region, or anybody looking for an outside-the-box perspective.