Violence Blasts the US After Trump’s Election – & This Is JUST THE BEGINNING

trump-riotsThe manufactured violent backlash has begun, just as we predicted. The US is increasingly convulsed by anti-Trump public demos and riots. We’re supposed to believe it’s simply the result of a very close election and “passionate” voters. Hell, no.



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Submitted by Jeff Berwick:

We analyze trends, and we’ve already predicted a Trump presidency is going to be the subject of plenty of manipulations. There are very powerful people who intend to use his election to make things worse. No doubt the “crisis actors” are already out in force.

Like the military and economic trends we’ve spent the past two years analyzing and predicting, the current violence is part of a larger, targeted disintegration of the US and Western society in general. Today’s events are supposed to culminate in tomorrow’s global government.

But first there’s a lot of tearing down to do.

If you know what’s going on, it’s hard to keep a straight face. We’re supposed to believe that this woman – whose most recent catastrophe was engineering the genocidal downfall of an entire civilization, Libya, to line her own pockets, is worth a violent protest.

Of course given the violence and warmongering that surrounds her like a bloody blanket, maybe the current protests are actually quite fitting.

But nonetheless, it’s ludicrous.

Following newsfeeds (safely outside the empire) I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people in cities across the US chanting, “Not my President!”

For an instant, I made the mistake of believing that sanity had settled on a portion of the electorate! I was so happy …Yes! “He’s not our President! We own ourselves! Government is an immoral, criminal belief system!”

Was the individualist revolution happening? … Nope.

These protestors were just upset because they didn’t get the slave master they wanted. Many Americans were hoping for a female master instead.

But let’s roll it back a bit. The flames of division really started getting stoked toward the end of election night when black CNN political commentator and avowed communist Van Jones, began tearing up and started calling Trump’s win both a nightmare and a “whitelash”.

In the classic divide-and-conquer style, Jones helped to make this into a racial issue by saying this Trump’ victory was a “whitelash” against our black president and a changing country.

Fitting statements considering Jones is an employee of the divisive “communist news network.”

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper escalation of racial tension without Reverend Al Sharpton slinging some mud as well.

Outside NBC studios in NYC, Sharpton was asked what he thought about the election result, to which he replied, “He [Donald Trump] can’t deliver on half of what he says he will.” He went on to say “Saddle up Donald!” … before asserting that Trump is going to have the “fight of his life”.

That’s one talent Sharpton has got … sniffing incipient violence. Or maybe he’d just been tipped off to the riots and protests that soon started raging across the US in over 12 different major cities, including Manhattan, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Des Moines, Dallas, Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle – and whole regions such as New England.

As a result, Donald Trump is meeting with O’bomber at the White House to discuss how they can handle the outbursts which are going on throughout the nation, together.

Most Americans prior to this election would tell you (in typical misguided fashion) how wonderful and lucky they are to live in a “democracy.” But now that many haven’t gotten their way, they’re shattering storefront windows and burning American flags in “black lives matter” fashion.

Millennial Bernie Sanders fans are certainly starting to Feel the Bern. Not only did their favored socialist candidate lose the rigged American primary, but their party’s winning candidate Killary, managed to lose the general election despite having every possible advantage.

The mainstream media turned her criminality into “caring” and her psychopathic greed into “goodness.” Still it wasn’t enough. She lost the general election despite spending around double what Trump spent on his campaign, much of it donated by totalitarian, corrupt regimes in the Middle East who stand against everything that Hillary’s supporters stand for.

She couldn’t even win after the governor of Virginia released 60,000 convicts (and suggested they vote Democratic). Hillary won that state by just about 60,000 votes, by the way.

More Hillarity: She had her “spirit cooking” campaign chairman Podesta give a short concession speech on her behalf late in the evening. No doubt this was because she’d already started in on her reported non-stop (all night) crying jag – and was apparently drunk to boot.

Obviously Hillary’s biggest sorrow was that the US has been deprived of her economically dysfunctional leadership. And of course her loss is not her own responsibility!

Supposedly still addled, she weepingly called a friend in the wee hours of the morning, sputtering that The Defeat was James Comey’s fault – and that Obama himself was also responsible because he hadn’t shut Comey down soon enough.

Hillary’s certainty of her own indispensability is unfortunately shared, at that moment, by tens of millions of “supporters.” It only takes a tiny push to herd these small-brained signifiers in any violent direction one wishes and as suggested above, there’s no doubt this is being done.

As I write, thousands of Bostonians are walking through downtown chanting “Trump is a racist” and carrying signs that say “Impeach Trump” and “Abolish The Electoral College.”

I wish they were pacing back and forth with signs that said “Abolish the Federal Reserve” or “End the Federal Government” One can only wish (peaceably of course).

Even if voting weren’t evil, what woman in their right mind would want the first female president to be a known and proven criminal who already had blood on her hands prior to the election?

We’re supposed to ignore such logical inconsistencies. All this unrest is exactly what the elites – who are the purveyors of division – want. This is just the beginning of the ongoing incitements and violence, worldwide, that we’ve spent years predicting.

On broadway in Oakland militarized police have armored vehicles on the streets. This is all part of an effort to stir up and incite violence to distract people from things like the war on cash which is raging on in India. To see more about this, view our last article.

All things considered, we’re witnessing a pretty bleak time in history where the media who are supposed to be on the side of the people, are totally infiltrated. The media is so controlled in fact that CNN is getting their own cameramen to act as a Hillary supporters. Check out this clip here where Don Lemon admits to knowing the interviewee who was supposed to be a “random guy off the street”.

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