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hitlerWe live in a police state that makes Nazi Germany look benign…


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The war on drugs started decades ago with Nixon.  It was a huge success for the government.  The US government created a present day $250,000,000,000 enterprise for local, state and federal police forces.  That makes the war on drugs one of the largest businesses in the world and it ultimately benefits one institution—the government police state.  This makes the US a police state; plain and simple. We live in a police state that makes Nazi Germany look benign.

The next winners are the drug cartels.  These groups supply product to the end consumers, making trillions of income. The Bush family has been invested in this business since the 1960’s. Transshipment of heroin from SE Asian provided vast profits for the CIA during the Vietnam war.

The fact is that the US didn’t have a drug problem until the war on drugs was started.  We have the drug war equivalent of the Military Industrial Complex embedded in this country.  Every country IN THE WORLD, including your country, is a victim of the United States and their war on drugs.  It’s that bad.

The government gets a piece of that cartel action; something on the order of 20%.  That is, if the government decides to allow the cartels to operate that business instead of taking over the business directly, such as the US military and contractors managing the Afghan opium harvest. 80% of all the heroin/opium in the world comes from this region.  The reason the US military is fighting the Taliban is because the Taliban are against opium.  That is the only reason we are still in Afghanistan.  Our troops are fighting the people who want to destroy that US military drug business model.  President Obama knows this. He’s part of this scam. What do you expect of a drug addict who is also the President of the United States? The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has presided over the longest period of war in the history of the US.  Figure that!

The government is not completely stupid. They know that they cannot operate the drug business with the ruthless efficiency of a well managed operation such as the Sinaloa Cartel et al. These cartels are fronts for the CIA and other elements of the government that have one operating directive. Keep the drugs flowing.

They provide oversight to these these cartels, indirectly most of the time, either through direct threat of execution or a significant hit to the central management structure or infrastructure, thus reining in the excesses of the cartel. So long as everyone gets their beak wet business will continue. When innocent people die in these efforts that’s just collateral damage. Those deaths don’t count.

The losses to the cartel are sustainable because there are always people who want to take over the elite level of management. There’s also an unlimited number who want to move up in the ranks or join the cartel drug operations here and in other countries because it’s the only job available;it pays better than minimum wage though not by much, but it’s a living.  The dangers presented are high but desperate people are willing to take those chances.

The recruits are, as often as not, the first rank of losers in the drug war.  They’re like those arrested for a minor beef, such as the ones you describe.  Once they serve time in the system their job opportunities drop dramatically, making them ideal recruits.  The on- the-job training in prisons makes for a good job skill when they’re released.  They don’t even need a resume to get a job in the drug trade. Their prison term serves as their CV. The longer the CV the better the hiring opportunities.

The next level of winners are banks that launder the money. Those banks;  HSBC, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and others, make a 20% spread on the laundering operations.  Many banks have been charged with laundering money for the cartels and others, paying billions in fines, rarely seeing anyone at the bank go to jail The exceptions are a few minor functionaries caught up, prosecuted and done so for appearances only.

The public laps up the miniscule prosecutions. Another AG gets a promotion to higher political office, knowing full well they are part of the scam; acting as enforcers and bag men for their bosses; elevated in office to a higher management position; one that allows them to profit handsomely for their work and continue on in their job as an enabler of the war on drugs which is, in reality, a war on the people. When governments go rogue, like ours did around 50 years ago, the government must, as part of their operating model, declare war on their own people in order to maintain the wars overseas, something the US has been doing since 1945. The war machine much be fed.

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On a side note, have you noticed how many fighting men; our soldiers, have returned from combat with PTSD?  Once diagnosed with PTSD they are fed massive amounts of anti depressive drugs and pain killers.  This is symbolic of a country that treats everyone, including their veterans with the same distain and disregard for their well being and anyone else considered disposable. Soldiers are just disposable meat used to further the wars fomented by the bankters and political elite for their own ends.

The next level of winners are the political elites who are extremely well paid to manage the various criminal enterprises of a country. Not by their meager pay checks.  Once they’re in office vast sums in illegal bribes and contributions come their way. Once they leave office they start making the serious money.  Colin Powell was heard to say when he left government.  “I’m going out to make millions (in the private sector). If they succeed in growing the war on drugs or war on poverty business they move up, even potentially to the level of president, prime minister or premier. America is the elite of all elites in layering of businesses that revolves around the drug trade.

The drug trade pierces every level of society from highest to lowest, affecting and profiting every member of this enterprise.  The US dollar is the preferred currency so the US government/banker/pharma/drug cartels use this form of payment.  Some say we use the Petro dollar system. I believe there is a secondary support to the US dollar and that’s the Drug/Dollar System. It may now be the largest as well. But that’s another story.

Another winner is the for-profit prison system.  It’s the foul hind end gut of this business, set up to process the people who get caught and criminalized in the drug trade. The people caught are the loser users. They’re easy targets.  They get a 1-5 year prison term, not realizing they are dupes in this war on drugs, set up to lose by the police and the dealers, forced into the private for-profit prison system that makes billions in profits as these gulag prisoners labor, producing goods for the marketplace; often  selling the products to the government, a prime buyer of products made by this slave labor.  We have a larger prison population than the Soviet gulag at its height. We have 5 times more people incarcerated proportion to our population than any other country in the world.

This is all about the money and drugs. The system launders drugs, cash and humans for profit.  The for-profit prison system needs a constant supply of fresh new zeks to man the factories.  The police and the state need these people to maintain the Soylent Green production lines. The war on drugs makes sure these people are produced on call.  Drop a dime and you get the time, courtesy of Uncle Sam’s War on Drugs.

The next set of winners is the SYSTEM that creates the horrible violence and poverty of the inner cities; places that are little more than breeding grounds for new criminals; a portal for the drug sales; the means by which certain political elites keep people of color in virtual slavery while providing a never-ending and unlimited number of new slaves for the master and his plantation prison system.

There are members of our government and DEEP STATE who still cannot get over the fact that slaves were freed. Back in the 1940s and 1950s the blacks in the country were getting a good foot hold in jobs and economic well being. That could not stand! There commenced a systematic slippery slope destruction of the black families,  put in place with  aggressive welfare policies and direct damage to the economic  growth of the black population coupled with drugs on call; on order, to make the destruction even more complete.

This pernicious vicious soft tyranny continue into the present day. It’s part and parcel of the War on Poverty; another war started right around the same time as the War on Drugs.  The losers in both wars were the poor people. They grew poorer and more addicted to drugs.  The inner cities are now vast rabbit warrens of despair and poverty. Chicongo is the poster child of this problem.  
The US middle class is sliding into the ranks of poverty, adding millions of fresh new consumers of drugs, welfare and the despair of having little hope and no money. The only thing of which there is in unlimited supply is an insatiable and relentless government, there to ‘help’ them in their hour of need.

Words you never want to hear.  
We’re from the government and we’re here to help”

Run for your life because they mean to take you!

The next level of winners is Big Pharma.  70% of all people in the US are on one or more pharmaceutical, prescribed by our doctors, countenanced by government regulations, bought and paid for by billions in political contributions to the elected elite members of a million man cadre dedicated to systematically destroying the medical industry via Obamacare, laws mandating who gets their RX and those who don’t, as well as those who get medical care, or not. Death sentences are being handed out like candy.

The profits in big pharma are directly proportionate to the FDA and what drugs they allow into the system.  FDA is nothing more or less than a rubber stamp enabler of drugs shipped into the system, handed out by your sawbones like Crackerjack prizes; additive to the Nth degree. Your doctor is, as often as not, just as much a pusher of drugs as is the corner pusher handing out free samples of cheap and highly addictive heroin.

The opioid/pain killer epidemic that’s almost as destructive to the US population as opium, heroin, meth and other ‘illegal’ drugs. It’s just one more manifestation of the subtle and overt work of our government, businesses, cartels and banks,  set up to destroy this country via the delivery of drugs to the people, whether those drugs are purported legal or illegal.570x400_Demandforce_IntroducingSilverbug.jpg
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