Trump Admits To Being A Globalist & Continues To Act Like One Too

If someone told you that they are a vegan and a meat eater, what would you think?

Submitted by Jeff Berwick:

Aside from looking for hidden cameras or waiting for a punchline, if it turned out the person was quite serious, most people would dismiss them as being a complete idiot.

Well, Donald Trump just said the political equivalent.

“Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. “I’m both.”

Yeah, you can’t really be both. They are opposites!

But, hey, the population is so dumbed down now that they don’t even notice that the Comrade In Chief says he is two completely contrary things at once.

It’s not like he has never done it before.

He has been for attacking Iraq and against it. Pro-life and pro-choice. Republican and Democrat. Against and for Killary. And virtually every other issue he has held, steadfastly, both sides.

He’s the perfect politician in that sense. The only surprise is that it took him that long to realize his true calling.

We’ve called him out on being a globalist insider since long before the election. And we received torrents of Youtube hate for it.

That’s okay; we are used to the hate. Most people can’t handle the truth. But, that is all we are going to give you here at The Dollar Vigilante, whether you like it or not.On Twitter, the Presidential platform of choice, he has scoffed that judging any President’s first 100 days is “a ridiculous standard”, “not very meaningful” and an “artificial barrier”.

But, since you brought it up, he thinks “No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” than his.

And yes, he has accomplished a lot, well, sort of.

He hasn’t put Hillary in jail. He has backed off the border wall. He has bombed Syria and gotten the US nearly into World War III. He has defended Obamacare from being rescinded. He has backed NAFTA. He has commended the Federal Reserve for doing a good job. And he has waffled on his Paris Climate Accord position.

He accomplished the exact opposite of what he said he would do before the election, but what else do you expect from Donald Trump?

Everything he has done so far is no different from what Hillary Clinton said she would do. The only difference is his “tax plan” which will take years to implement if it ever makes it through Congress, which it won’t. It was, after all, a one-page memo to change a tax code that hasn’t been altered since 1986. It’s not actually going to happen. It’s all just for show.

And, trying to “reduce taxes” while not reducing the deficit is just switching who gets robbed. It is, in effect, the equivalent of switching around the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Instead of corporations being taxed, which passes the tax on to the consumer, he would tax everyone through the inflation required to print money to pay for the growing debt. It would actually be much worse for the average guy than it is now.

But, at least now, he finally admits he is a globalist, but, also a nationalist!

The cognitive dissonance is deep with this one. Trump doesn’t have to worry about cognitive dissonance, though, because he is a sociopath who will say and do anything to get what he wants.

And what he wants is power. And, he’s got it now thanks to all those who yet again fell for the lies.

No President will ever give you freedom. You will only have freedom when you no longer want a President. It’s called anarchism (check out my podcast, the top anarchist podcast in the world, Anarchast here) or, more vaguely, libertarianism.

And, according to the Pope, libertarianism is becoming a very dangerous issue to the power structures that be.

So there is hope! More on that tomorrow!