The Debt Ceiling Scam | Craig Hemke

“If the People Actually Knew and Understood What Was Happening to Them Behind the Scenes by the Politicians and Their Bankers, There’d Be a Revolution By Morning.

“I think a vast majority of the population doesn’t even care or even know about the level of indebtedness,” Analyst Craig Hemke says.

The “debt ceiling” is no longer a number but a date, and that date was extended through September 30 with the deal last weekend to spend another $1 trillion through September. This will cause total debt to rise, but not a full $1 trillion since borrowing is only once source of government spending money. But in September, “borrowing authority,” will most likely be extended again, and debt will keep growing.

As far as continuing American indebtedness, Trump is no different than presidents before him.

Hemke says in Trump’s first 100 days, the president’s main accomplishments were executive orders. Trump has signed more executive orders in the first 100 days than Obama, Bush, or Clinton. Such extreme executive power is not healthy for democracy:


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