No Way Around European Banking System Bailout

dystopiaThere’s no way around a bailout of the European banking system.
Get ready, European tax payer, because you’re about to socialize banker losses…


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The Brexit referendum upended markets and sent politicos into a lather.  But now that central bankers have been able to restore some semblance of calm to financial markets, you’re being told there’s nothing to see here, move along…
Fact is, there’s no way around a bailout of the European banking system.  

“Doc” and I  broke the story about the bail-in model and published our report on

 We noted at the time that the bail-in model would never work, and that it would only serve as a tactical band-aid to apply to specific, small institutions, or small fires burning within specific economies, as we later saw demonstrated with the bail-in of Cyprus bank deposits.  Beyond band-aids, the bail-in model isn’t worth a hill of beans.  Get ready, European tax payer, because you’re about to socialize banker losses (and Americans, who will be on the hook, over time, with Fed swap lines that are hidden and, if not unwound, add to the Fed’s balance sheet).  Welcome to dystopia.

TND Podcast Exclusive:  Welcome To Dystopia #24

On this episode, Jason and I dive into a free-wheeling discussion about a number of topics.  Right at the outset, we address what’s going on with precious metals, post-Brexit, and we place that into the context of the EU banking crisis.  We address:

1) Japanese Savers Flooding to Physical Gold…

2) China planning to use more than $300 billion in saver’s pension fund capital for a bailout/Plunge Protection Team of their stock market…

3) Ben Bernanke visits Abe and Kuroda in Japan to discuss a new 10 trillion Yen “helicopter money” plan in next stage of Abenomics.

4) The more than $12 trillion in global government bonds that now have negative interest rates.

5) Bitgold/Gold Money, and the significance of Peter Schiff joining forces with the company (click here for Peter Schiff’s interview with  Josh Crumb).

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