Bix Weir On Global Financial Collapse: It’s Happening…Right on Time!

Not only are the “signs” pointing to the collapse of the Global Fiat Monetary System… the FACTS and EVENTS are pointing to it too.

From Bix Weir

Things are happening with the Saudi asset dump and the Deutsche Bank forced collapse which will both, separately or in tandem, cause a global melt down of the ENTIRE system.
Here are two very good interviews from some very smart people that had never been on the “Total Collapse” Road…until now!
Armstrong: The Next Great Depression will be a Collapse of Bonds
I have warned for close to a decade that the PLAN was to destroy the entire electronic monetary system in a Creative Destructive Event. It’s what was written in the Road to Roota comics from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and it is 100% correct.