Only $3,500! – Glenn Beck, Teeka Tiwari, Palm Beach Research Group Crypto Conspiracy

This post mainly covers Glenn Beck’s paid sponsorships.

The first part covers a bit of the past, and the second part covers a bit of the present.

Most readers here are at Silver Doctors are pro-bullion, some pro-crypto, even a mix of both bulls.

Over at SD Bullion, we have no problems accepting bitcoin for bullion purchases.

With bitcoin payments, we immediately convert them into US dollars in order to keep the lights on and continue doing our business.

This post is not to change your minds claiming bullion and or cryptos are better or worse than the other.

The point of this piece is how unabashed Glenn Beck continues to sheer his poorly financially educated followers for profits and ad revenues.

The following videos will cover first some old and next new product offerings Glenn Beck is proud to pitch on his shows.




#1 Glenn Beck Gold

Since my getting into the bullion business in the summer of 2008, Glenn and other right wing talk radio personalities have had various semi-collectible coin sellers as their sponsors.

Not so mysteriously, the vast majority of these radio and TV ad running coin dealers never allowed bullion buyers to just buy the precious metal products straight through their websites at transparent low price premiums. Instead customers would wire funds to some coin dealers only to be up sold in the final moments into products that were good for the dealers and their salesmen, not their customers. 

Alleged was the use of the 1980s bear market boiler room model, where various sales tactics were reportedly used to scare people into buying overpriced products in place of low premium bullion items.

You know, overpriced precious items like great granddaddy’s hoarded yet somewhat common gold pre-1933 Saint Augustine coins or French Roosters (not all that rare in population nor in surviving mintages).

Below a quick recap of the alleged bullsh*t that Glenn Beck got paid to promote, starting in 2008 leading and into late 2011.


Starting in late 2011, the city of Santa Monica Attorney’s Office began the process of breaking up alleged high coin premium businesses (e.g. Merit Gold) and or just taking them to court (Goldline) in direct lawsuits.

Goldline eventually settled paying just over $5 million USD to makeup for their alleged wrongdoings.

Last year Goldine sold itself for some $6.4 million a paltry sum given the size and scope of their sales in 2011 and year prior. This has not stopped them from paying Glenn Beck to continue being one of their trusted pitchmen to date.

After all, older and fatter faced Glenn Beck still has a lot of gullible listeners for the taking.

Now let’s get to what new products Glenn Glenn is also pitching today as well as some online reviews of this cutting edge service.

But first…


Good Rule of Thumb on Gold, Silver, Crypto, or Expensively Advertised ‘Investments’

If you hear it on the radio, see it on TV, or read it in a magazine ad… high 99% chance there is a high profit margin hook you’ll want to avoid.

We have written about alleged gold industry scams before, even on Silver Doctors as well. Shame we just don’t have a megaphone as loud as good old Glenn.


Enter the Great ‘Crypto Conspiracy’

After Bitcoin’s price explosion going from some 6¢ BTC in 2009 to almost $20k BTC in late 2017, the woodwork was bringing forth all types of crypto experts ready to help you on your way to easy million$ (at least that was the impression some were trying to give off).

Let’s have a quick look at some choice marketing efforts from earlier this year 2018, after Bitcoin recently topped out in price.



As for Today’s Bitcoin bulls, a big BTC Price Question Remains



#2 Glenn Beck Crypto

Glenn Beck, Teeka Tiwari, & Palm Beach Research Group Crypto Letter Kickbacks?

The following sales pitch drones on for just over an hour in length. Much of the hope rests on Bitcoin getting a boost from a CBOE Bitcoin ETF approval (SEC comments worth a look).

Like Goldline still, The Palm Beach Research Group is also now a paid sponsor of whatever Glenn Beck calls his show these days.


Included in this classic Beck Chalkboard Boiler-fest, are some top notch dumbed down illustrations.

As well, allegations of Wall Street conspiracies with institutional guys bad mouthing crypto while simultaneously setting up trading desks for said digital currencies (e.g. Goldman Sachs). Wait, what?!

Wall Street charlatans, manipulating price expectations via fake news headlines, that cannot be true. 

Responsibly (or at least in lawsuit avoidance mode), Teeka says that people should only put some 5 to 10% of their liquid net worth into cryptos today.

So that basically means the 50th and 51st American of 100, who only has about $50k in median net worth, should squirrel away some $5,000 to 2,500 into choice cryptos to turn the tables on Wall Street. Perhaps that will set them up on easy street, right team Teeka Glenn Beck?

Problem is Teeka’s Palm Beach Research crypto subscription service costs $3,500 USD with a ‘generous’ discount from the regular $5k price.

So now said median watcher’s net worth will have shrunk by 7% once he buys Teeka’s services.

Sooooo maybe then like $4 to 2 thousand should suffice for explosive cyrpto-casino returns.


At about 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 53 seconds in, Teeka and Glenn throw the viewers some free bones to chew on, as Teeka makes the following bold claims w/o investment advice…

  • $40k BTC w/ possible $65k BTC after CBOE ETF launch ( 5X’r to 8X’r y’all!
  • 4X’r Litecoin 
  • 4X’r Dash 

Here are the charts for each aforementioned cryptocurrency at the moment…


Bitcoin Longterm Price Chart (Log Scale)


Litecoin Longterm Price Chart (Log Scale)


Dash Longterm Price Chart (Log Scale)


Teeka Price Return Chart as drawn by Glenn Beck


I am not even going to bother giving you a link for Teeka’s Palm Beach Research Group $3,500 crypto subscription service, as you likely sense my sarcastic attitude about this whole matter. Here’s a metal trash can, you could instead light your US dollars on fire and drop them in there.

Sure many cyrpto currencies could go up in value in the years to come, but these possibly and many others have and will drop to worthlessness.

If you want to turn $2 to $4 thousand US dollars into a retirement padding, good luck, you’re going to need it.




Regardless of what asset classes you or perhaps chart stealing Goldman Sach’s might perceive as being good values long term.

Team Glenn Teeka, are not going to save much of the poor baby boomer middle class from bankruptcy proceedings.

My sincere suggestion is to simply avoid this offer.

Do your damnedest to save a lot more for the future.

Much more than the median US citizen has to date.


Palm Beach Research Group Reviews

To end, see for yourself some of the latest sparkling reviews of the Palm Beach Research Group.

I’ll even screenshot the most recent one below, so you get the general gist of feedback… outside of paid affiliate pumper$ like Glenn Beck and friends.




About the Author

James Anderson has a BA in finance from Loyola University New Orleans. He has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets prior to the 2008 global financial crisis.

James’ twitter is @JamesHenryAnd and he has authored SD Bullion’s complementary 21st Century Gold Rush Book.