Draining the Swamp UK Style

Theresa May personally involved in defrauding Nigel Farage?
The secret is out – we now know why Theresa May announced a snap election – her party faced losing its slim majority to an election fraud scandal.

Submitted by Mark Taylor:

The secret is out – we now know why Theresa May announced a snap election – her party faced losing its slim majority to an election fraud scandal. A dozen regional police forces in the UK have submitted dossiers against 20 Conservative MPs to the Crown Prosecution Service accusing them of election expenses fraud. I will not go into details here, or assume that any of the accused are actually guilty ahead of a trial by jury, but there are a number of inferences one can draw without stepping into the territory of speculation or libel.

by Mark Anthony Taylor, The International Reporter:  

For a start, since the police submitted the dossiers, they must have concluded there is sufficient evidence to establish guilt beyond reasonable doubt. More telling is the timing – the police seem to have acted in parallel – given every constituency requires separate investigation with its own particularized trails of evidence we can assume the police collaborated to maximize political impact and embarrassment.

May was never popular with the police, ever since she was Home Secretary whence she infamously ordered them to stand down while rioters ran amok and set London ablaze. Adding insult to injury she ordered police to arrest ‘vigilantes’ who defended their homes and neighbourhoods from the rampaging mobs – this order was .thankfully, and wisely, ignored by constables on the ground. May was also deeply critical of the UK’s Police Federation, having accused them of being politically incorrect, and in the past few years has closed hundreds of police stations. With May’s government agreeable to EU demands for continuance of open borders, and with her government recently siding with Trump in the destabilization strikes against Syria, a policy as deeply unpopular as it was under Cameron, then one can figure the logical conclusion that led to the murder of PC Keith Palmer did not go unnoticed or unforgiven by the British police forces. One can imagine the hatred for her and the Cabinet as a whole is deeply entrenched amongst bobbies on the beat as much as it is amongst the police executive.

By her own deeds she has earned little love from the police force, and thus the synchronization of these police prosecutions can be interpreted as a soft coup. It is usually a terminal thing when politicians lose support of their own guards.

May’s response was to hold a general election. With a new team she can remove all of the MPs facing prosecution, and cement a large majority. So now is the time to let loose on all our hoses, if we are to push the scum down into the Swamp’s drain hole.

May personally involved defrauding Farage?

Email is a wonderful thing for pinning fraudsters, far more so than regular paper correspondence, particularly with its digital signatures and its transnational timestamps. Forging an email is trivial, but faking non-delivery is something many criminals have found insurmountable – to their cost when they have tried-it-on in court.

According to the Daily Mirror, the newspaper has such emails that incriminate Theresa May for undermining Nigel Farage, orchestrating election fraud in the constituency in which he fought. May’s conspiracy is symptomatic of the general contempt for the Rule of Law by the elite. The alleged means for election fraud was fairly simple – the party would send a number of buses to marginal constituencies, each packed with young activists who would then organize parties for the locals, and in some cases there are suggestions they won support in exchange for sex.

The technique dates back to Caligula who was reputed to have ordained that the Roman Senate function as a whore house during off-hours. As with Caligula’s decree, it was not a policy that was widely opposed, politicians enter politics to sell themselves after all. The allegation is is not beyond belief when one considers David Cameron, former leader of the Conservative Party when the fraud took place, was the kind of man who, as a boy, would impress his peers by orally penetrating a dead pig. (“Watch this!”)

One of May’s first acts as Prime Minister was to ban face-sitting pornography – so whoring out one’s political youth movement is just dandy, and nothing bad can be said about a man who practises necro-beastiality, but when it comes to viewing erotica of a man in passive repose pleasuring a woman – well that deserves a criminal record. Of the many questions a face-sitting-porn-ban raises, it should be quite plain May and the other executives in the Conservative Party are perverts, and their perversion goes well beyond mere sexuality. With the lobbying of paedophile activists groups, one has to wonder whether, in the near future, it will legal to rape children, but also illegal to masturbate in private.

May and her Cabinet’s contradictions are by no means limited to the sexual. When perversion is the dominant characteristic, which we know from the time May ordered London to burn, we can expect every institution under her thumb to share in her bent – including the judiciary or should I say, especially the judiciary. Let me remind the readers that in 2016, one of Master judges in the Court of Appeal, Ms Marie Bancroft Rimmer was moonlighting by lobbying for Nigel Farage’s prosecution.

I found this image while petitioning Ms Bancroft Rimmer for a transcript of hearing, a transcript that would have exposed serious judicial misconduct. One would think an upright judge, a learned judge, an honourable judge, would take an interest, especially when the allegations involve some of the most serious frauds ever to take the world stage – market manipulation. But Ms Bancroft Rimmer returned my email unopened. The allegations proved to be quite correct – they identified Deutsche Bank as having applied its Forex and Libor rigging techniques to the precious metal markets.

Ms Bancroft Rimmer’s Facebook page is a catalogue of bragging – endless holiday snap selfies, her children riding their ponies and socializing with other toffs. Interspersed with her personal success story were various achievements promoting diversity. Not diversity of class you understand – she married into money. So again, as with May, we have a duality of character, a braggart who does work for the needy and disadvantaged – when there is a suitable photo opportunity. Yet at the same time, when it comes to banksters ripping off the masses, she does not want to know – a line has to be drawn between charity and ambition, after all.

So this woman who sells herself as a champion of diversity, why boasting of the trappings of the upper classes, much as agricultural commodity manipulators who make up the board of Deutsche Bank, sees fit to lobby against Nigel Farage. Under the rule of May and Cameron the old days of separation of powers are gone. This was confirmed in my correspondence to Parliament in which the screenshot above was provided as evidence.

Neither the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman (JACO), the authority responsible for policing judges; nor the Attorney General; nor the Justice Select Committee; nor the Lord Chancellor; nor the office of the Lord Chief Justice showed the slightest concern that a judge acted as prosecutor against a politician. None of them would comment against the allegations, even though an official complaint was made and a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request was issued to the Judiciary to report whether judges are now free to act as prosecutors while serving as judges. The judiciary failed to answer the FOIA, not even admitting that JACO had received my complaint even though by their own website, they have a legal duty to respond to it. I am not sure whether she authored her Facebook page on the Court of Appeal’s computers – but if she did I am sure it would bring no criticism. On the other hand, woe betide the judge, driven by physical imperative, who must satisfy himself for 15 minutes during the lunch break, by studying face-sitting porn on the office computer.

One cannot imagine the judiciary’s level of misconduct without the consent of the Prime Minister, Theresa May. We can safely assume May had corrupted every level of the judiciary to attack Farage. Not one member of the Justice Select Committee, which is made up from a cross- party selection of MPs cared not a jot. It is odd that nobody from the opposition made political capital of this. Perhaps the judiciary is off-limits for criticism, when it is responsible for half the illicit gains of the political class in their profession as lawyers.

If there is any doubt as to the corruption of the Court of Appeal, in particular the vileness of Ms Bancroft Rimmer, the consider this gem from Len Lawrence – who lost his house as a result of her collusion with a corrupt High Court judge.

Mr Lawrence suffered brain damage from Tricresyl phosphate poisoning while working as an airline pilot. His wife had an affair with the Solicitor General, who then conspired to have Mr Lawrence committed to a mental hospital under a heavy psychotropic drug regime. The courts seemed intent on bankrupting him and stripping him of his house. Again we see this braggart Bancroft Rimmer, so eager to show off her wealth and her charity, was not so charitable when the photo opporunity was just not there.

Is it any wonder that Litigants-in-Person have no right to a free transcript of hearing when alleging corruption against a High Court judge? The system is built to defraud. Marie Bancroft Rimmer seems to be the ‘Go-To Woman’ whenever some misdeed needs weaving. This would explain why there is no interest from the higher authorities that she acts as prosecutor and judge at the same time – its par for the course when the persecuted are enemies of the ruling elite, or even when they have some asset that they covet.

Sleaze-balls such as Bancroft Rimmer are not the exception in the judiciary, just as May is not the exception in government. If they were – how would they survive? May’s responsibility however is distinguished from her peers – she is the leader of the country, and with all the information MI-5, MI-6 and the other paedophile institutions can sell to her.

Given the egregious level of frauds previously exposed in my earlier articles – Deutsche Bank’s gold rigging, its $10 billion money laundering fraud, perjury in the UK courts and its perversion of the Gina Miller lawsuit by corrupting the Attorney General Jeremy Wright MP and Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas, there is every reason to believe that Theresa May had to give her consent to all the frauds – the executive of the judiciary and executive of the government conspire in treason. Perhaps Farage would not have been been bought off and this is why Bancroft Rimmer was given the greenlight.

Farage was thus denied his due seat in Parliament by a political class that has total contempt for Justice and total contempt for the Laws it enacts to be enforced on the masses.

UKIP Compromised.

I am sorry to say that all these matters were brought up before UKIP’s MEPs and other key players in its leadership, and nobody took an interest. Perhaps Farage is hated by his own party, or perhaps they have been seriously compromised themselves by the banking industry. Anyone with any prominence with the power to broadcast their opinion, and a backbone, and a soul of virtue, should be singing this all day long.

I come to the conclusion a new party is needed. I am tempted to stand for election – but will they let me speak? Why is UKIP silent when the Lord Chief Justice himself colludes with Deutsche Bank’s Gina Miller to keep the UK in the EU stranglehold?