Trump Goes to Mexico (The Week that Sealed Hillary’s Fate?)

Mexico-5THIS may have sealed the election for Donald Trump…



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Shield brothers, there’s alot going on across the world of great importance right now. Last week though, something significant occurred that I have to write about: that’s Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico.

During this race, Tump has been playing chess, while Wall Street globalists have been playing checkers the entire time. However, what we just witnessed on August 31st, was the sort of political ju-jitsu that can change the course of the election (and perhaps history).  First though, let’s give it the backdrop it deserves.

Act 3

Trump has been on a roll lately, bringing in new campaign management in the final stretch of the election, to help with “Act 3″(as Scott Adams calls it). This portion of his campaign is going rather remarkably lately.  Let’s all remember, that before this trip to visit with Mexican leadership, Trump had just scored another blow against Obama and Hillary just a few days beforehand.

The flooding in Louisiana was so vast, so widespread, that over 140,000 homes were affected, in all.  While flooding spread well beyond the city, Baton Rouge was one of the largest urban areas that was hit to that extent.  To show you how biblical the scale of destruction was, here’s a “before and after” satellite shot of the lights of Louisiana from space.

The left picture is a shot over that area on May 7th.    The right was a shot on August 15th.

Trump Mexico 1

It was complete devastation, and for days during event, the mainstream media really didn’t care to cover the event at all. They pretended as if it wasn’t happening, perhaps because neither Obama, nor Hillary, had deemed it important enough for a visit.

Hundreds of thousands of people were suffering, and Obama, during the worst of the flooding, was busy golfing, and told the media he had no plans to cut his vacation short…

That is, until Donald Trump came in like a wrecking ball!

Shortly, after Obama’s announcement, Donald Trump flew to the scene, toured the vast extent of the flood damage, and helped unload a truck full of children’s toys.

Mexico 1

Total. Optics. Victory.  

Trump didn’t stop there though.  He then took to twitter, and successfully shamed a sitting President into visiting Baton Rouge.  He also flew circles around Hillary in the Presidential race, by showing himself more than willing to be in the thick of it, when the rubber meets the road.

2016 Silver Eagles SaleNow, folks may say that Trump merely did it for the cameras, or for the appearance during an election season.  Whether or not that’s true, none of that matters.  What does matter, is that when disaster strikes, and hundreds of thousands of people are hurting…

They want to be comforted, they want leadership, they want to know they matter to those in charge. Trump accomplished that for these people, and showed many he’s willing to be that sort of leader.

Hillary was nowhere to be found throughout the ordeal, and lost a great many votes that day. Obama was also greatly diminished by Trump in the incident.

Now keep that in mind, because this was what Obama and Hillary were trying to shake off, when this news suddenly came across the wire:


Trump to Make Surprise Visit to Mexico Before Pivotal Immigration Speech


First of all, let me say that it was a brave thing of Mexican President Nieto to invite Donald Trump to Mexico.  Right now, there are alot of hard feelings in his country, but Nieto understands that no matter what many of his people’s thoughts on Trump may be, the man could realistically end up being the next US President. It’s better to start diplomacy now, than much later.

Secondly, let me say that the MSM, and most of the pundits have all talked about Trump’s visit being about policy or about negotiation.

They’re all dead wrong.  Here’s the chief thing this trip was about all along, and why it may have sealed Hillary’s fate…

‘Selling Past the Close”

Trump understands that many voters in the States are ‘on the fence’ about him.  He understands they hate Hillary, but that they have reservations about him as well.  For instance, they may have doubts as to whether he’d be a responsible leader, or about his temperament, or whether he’d work well with other world leaders.

Trump knows this, and he also knows human nature.  After all, his business is marketing, sales, branding.  His brand has been his own name, all his life.  For 5 decades, he’s had practice marketing that name, and has learned quite a few things about human nature.  He understands folks can be inches away from making a decision(big or small), and yet still walk away, if the lingering doubts cannot be put to rest.

That is why Trump’s using a sales technique that some have spoken about during this election(notably, Scott Adams), called “selling past the close.”  It’s the very same technique used by a car or vacuum cleaner salesman.

The buyer may like the car or vacuum cleaner, but may not commit, because he still has trouble picturing himself driving the car, or using the vacuum.  That problem is easily solved by allowing the potential buyer to take the car or vacuum home with them to try out for free.

It is an undeniably powerful tool used to persuade people all the time: try before you buy.  Trump is doing quite the same thing in his Trump Tower security briefings, in Baton Rouge, or in Mexico:

He’s showing all the undecided or nervous voters: Here is what President Trump looks like. Here’s how I conduct my cabinet meetings.  Here’s how I’d deal with foreign leaders.  Here’s what foreign diplomacy and diplomacy speeches look like.  He leaves nothing to imagination.

Just look at this image for a moment:


Trump could spend $100 million in campaign money, and never make as powerful an impact upon voters, as this image doubtlessly left on them.  There he is, beside an actual President, giving an exclusive joint-speech to the media.  Having already finished private discussions/negotiations.

He fearlessly takes questions from the field.

He appears in full command of the situation and his emotions.

He talks policy, and brilliantly reframes US border strength as something which would also benefit Mexico as well.

Trump already looks and acts as if he’s President, and what’s more: foreign governments are already treating him as if he was!  

As the speech played in my office at work, a woman that I know(who didn’t previously support Trump), came in and told me,

“Trump’s on TV, and he’s saying things that actually make sense! He seems very reasonable and presidential!”

I promise you, brothers, that there were millions more people just like her that day.

Now,  yes, it’s true that President Nieto also invited Hillary, and as usual, she was totally missing in action, taking potshots at Trump from home. No one even thought of her though, after this image and this trip, they could only think of Trump. He was the talk on everyone’s lips.

Total victory.

As I watched the speech, that all news networks were covering, I couldn’t help but think I was watching something perhaps as historic as when Nixon visited China.  This trip could very well catapult Trump onto the global platform as a world leader.  It could also lead to a reset of relations between two nations, and a renegotiation of NAFTA.

I think Bill Mitchell said it best:

Hillary is running for the office of President,
Trump is running for the job of President.

To Hillary it’s all about power, about her bankster handlers, and ensuring the con known as globalism continues unabated.  It’s more of the same.

To Trump, it actually seems to be about reversing the entire world order.  A steep, uphill mission, and a goal which the banksters, globalists, and deep state are utterly opposed to.  Yet, with Trump’s handshake that day, their opposition was sent scattering, melting away.  Their window of opportunity to stop this man from stopping them, is now rapidly closing.

Mexico 4


The prospect of a Trump presidency to many folks, seems daunting, or even frightening; they don’t know what to expect.  Trump’s taking no chances, and left zero to our imaginations on August 31st. He doesn’t want you to imagine him as President, he wants you to see it with your own eyes.

He wants you to see the finished product….so that way, you’re more likely to buy that product in the first place.  The optics of Trump:

-Privately discussing policy with the Mexican President, while Hillary sniped at him on Twitter

-Strongly reasserting those same policies with foreign leadership that he’s campaigned on here

-Fielding questions from a room full of foreign media

All made Trump look like a world leader to such a great extent, that he already seemed to be the President.

In 3 major national polls now, Trump has regained the lead over Hillary, and there’s still several months left to go before elections.

From: the shock of Brexit, to the electoral triumph of the AfD in Germany, to the Hungarian referendum against “Migrant quotas” on October 2nd, to “Mr. Brexit’s” huge threat to Hillary on November 8th…

Western countries are quickly waking up to the harmful agendas of globalist elites, and are defending themselves accordingly.

Globalists had best start taking both Trump, and this new resurgent nationalism more seriously…before Hillary becomes the “new Merkel” in November!

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