Deepcaster On Opportunities & Threats from The Great Policy Change

gunEver-so-quietly, the International Powers-that-be are beginning to implement a Massive Monetary and Fiscal Policy Shift—a Shift which is a Great Threat to your Wealth.

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Submitted by Deepcaster: 

However, for those who are aware of it, the Threat to Wealth can be Transformed into a Great Wealth Acquisition Opportunity, but you must start preparing NOW! See our recent (week of June 10, 2016) Alert for Deepcaster’s latest Buy Recommendation.


The International Mega Bank Cartel which owns and runs the private, for-profit Fed and controls and/or colludes with the other Major Central Banks around the World, has a Gargantuan Problem.


There is too much Debt—Sovereign Debt and Business Debt and Individual Debt—around the World which can never be repaid. Indeed, Debt levels are two to three times higher or more (depending on the Sector) than they were prior to the Financial Crisis of 2008.


Indeed, from 2008 to 2016, Non-Governmental Debt in China skyrocketed from $4 Trillion to $26 Trillion!! Of course, this Debt can never be repaid. Worse, to help stop the 6-week January through mid-February 2106 Mini Equities Crash, China added another $1 Trillion Credit (Debt!) to the System in Q1 2016 alone.


So there are only two Solutions for unpayable Debts from the Bankers’ perspective, either allow Defaults to continue and multiply, as they are already doing in the Energy Industry (75 Bankruptcies already), or Inflate away the Purchasing Power of their Fiat Currencies, so Debt repayment becomes less burdensome.


Since Massive Defaults are Unacceptable to Mega-Bankers, inflating away the Purchasing Power Value of the Debt is the only answer and this they are already Doing with their so-called “Currency Wars.” However, these are Wars which can not in principle have a happy conclusion, since they are a race to an absolute limit—the bottom, and are increasingly destabilizing.


And the “Debt Creation Wars” have the same effect as well—heightening Systemic Instability to Record Levels, and virtually ensuring a very unhappy ending.


One Major problem is that this Devaluation policy (as well as the NIRP Policy) confiscates the Wealth of Investors and Savers who have Fiat-Currency Denominated Assets and who fail to have Real Assets.


Worse, these Elites are attempting to encourage/force Investors and savers out of Paper Cash and Into Digital “Cash”, all the better to control us and continue to confiscate our Wealth as may be required by the Mega Bankers.


Think we are kidding? Check out the OECD and G-20’s “Base Evasion & Profit Shifting” (BEPS) Plan. It is in effect a plan for Global Taxation! This is why is it important to seriously consider opposing any Global or Regional (e.g., TPP or TTIP which are also basically Open Borders policies) Plans or Agreements. That is because they would likely ultimately be the Platform for Globalist Control and Global Taxation.


They are also a recipe for Wage Depression and Job Loss and Domestic Business loss for the Signatory Countries. See for a Real Solution.


As well, the Proposed Climate Change Treaties also have the Potential to create a Platform for Global Taxation and Global Control.


It is pretty clear already that this BEPS would be implemented in Conjunction with the Cartel’s (Note 1) ongoing Gold and Silver Price Suppression Policy by which the Mega-Bankers have been able to Keep Investors invested in their Fiat Currencies and Treasury Securities—all the better to Confiscate our Wealth.


In sum, The Cartel will continue to make every effort to control the price appreciation of the Precious Metals.


However, going forward, the Devaluation/QE/Debt Creation Policy is beginning to cause a steady (and inevitable, if not controlled) collapse in Purchasing Power of Major Fiat Currencies, and thus a crisis is looming. Indeed, if The Cartel were to stop or slow devaluing without also letting the Price of Gold and Silver rise, a Crash would occur. So expect a continuing the Devaluation in its various forms (e.g., via QE, NIRP). Warning: At some point this Policy will cause a shift from Economic Deflation into Inflation (i.e., Stagflation) and then Hyperinflation, another Crisis which is virtually inevitable!. And these shifts are likely to occur rapidly once they begin. It is this Prospect for which Deepcaster aims to Prepare Investors so they can Profit and Protect Wealth.


But given the Forces already in play, more Defaults and Hard times are coming so a transition to Inflation Resistant Assets is appropriate.


In sum, the Unpayable Global Debts and beginning of Accelerating Defaults have caused the Mega-Bankers to institute a shift in that Policy, a Shift which is just beginning. That Shift is also in large part impelled by the Fact that The Cartel Precious Metals Price Suppressors are beginning to “Run-out” of sufficient quantities of Physical Gold and Silver to sell into the Market to continue to Suppress the Price. China, India, and Russia are simply buying and Taking Delivery of too much Physical for a Price Suppression Policy to be sustained.


The Cartel Elites have now decided, therefore, to allow Gold and Silver to appreciate in Fiat Currency Terms. This Mega-Bank Inflation Plan means a Mega-Bull Market in Gold is coming. Their purpose is to stabilize an otherwise entirely unstable system and prevent its collapse but only on The Cartel’s Terms and with their timing. And “on The Cartel’s Terms and with their timing” is the key for Investors.


Consider that Gold was allowed to “Touch $1300 and Silver to approach $18 recently.


Also consistent with that Policy, The Cartel has since these recent tops facilitated Gold’s being taken down to $1200ish and Silver to $16ish from which they have both subsequently bounced but, given the increasing shortages of Physical Supply, we can not expect these Precious Metals to bounce around in such a Range for long, as the recent bounce back up off these levels demonstrates. In sum, we can expect further Takedowns but then Bounces back up to new Highs. So timing is the key and Deepcaster is monitoring a Variety of Signals and making Timing Forecasts and Precious Metals Buy Recommendations. Our strategy is beginning to pay off in the Precious Metals Sector. See Recent Profits Taken, Note 2.


Thus, the Great Launch of Precious Metals has begun, and there are great Profits to be made for those who Buy and Sell at the right time.


But crucial to Reiterate and Emphasize The Cartel very much wants to control the Timing and Extent of the Precious Metal Up Moves. Thus, careful Analysis and Forecasting of when the next Takedowns and Up Moves are likely to occur is Crucial.


On the Wealth Protection side it is important to avoid holding stocks in highly leveraged (indebted) Companies, or assets which suffer in an Inflationary Environment.


And it is important to hold Real Assets which do not Suffer in an Inflationary, Stagflationary, or Hyperinflationary Environment, all of which are coming!


Best regards,


June 7, 2016


Note 1: * We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of Overt and Covert Interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Bankers and Favored Financial Institutions to read Deepcaster’s February, 2016 Letter entitled “Profit, Protection, Despite Cartel Intervention” in the ‘Latest Letter’ Cache at Also consider the substantial evidence collected by the Gold AntiTrust Action Committee at, including testimony before the CFTC, for information on precious metals price manipulation, and manipulation in other Markets. Virtually all of the evidence for Intervention has been gleaned from publicly available records. Deepcaster’s profitable recommendations displayed at have been facilitated by attention to these “Interventionals.” Attention to The Interventionals facilitated Deepcaster’s recommending five short positions prior to the Fall, 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.


Note 2: Our attention to Key Timing Signals and Interventionals and accurate statistics has facilitated Recommendations which have performed well lately. Consider our profits taken in recent months in our Speculative and Fortress Assets Portfolios*


  • 65% Profit on Gold & Silver Royalty Streaming Company on May 2, 2016 after just 35 months (i.e., about 22% Annualized)
  • 30% Profit on Water Services Stock on March 11, 2016 after just 18 months (i.e., about 18% Annualized)
  • 28% Profit on Water Services Stock on February 23, 2016 after just 16 months (i.e., about 18% Annualized)
  • 50% Profit on Long Bond position on February 19, 2016 after just 2 days (i.e., about 8810% Annualized)
  • 30% Profit on Short Financial ETF position on February 9, 2016 after just 18 days (i.e., about 655% Annualized)
  • 30% Profit on Short Junk Bond position on February 8, 2016 after just 49 days (i.e., about 225% Annualized)
  • 90% Profit on Short Small Cap Equities ETF on January 20, 2016 (i.e., about 30% Annualized)
  • 75% Profit on Short Small Cap Equities ETF on January 15, 2016 (i.e., about 25% Annualized)
  • 28% Profit on a Long Treasury Bond Treasury Bond Position on January 12, 2016 after just 71 days (i.e., about 140% Annualized)


*Past Profitable Performance is no assurance of future Profitable Performance.

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