Youtuber Crushes 1 Kilo Gold Bar Worth $40k, Hilarity Ensues


A Youtuber decided to see what happens when a 1 kilo gold bar is crushed with a hydraulic press.
What followed was priceless…


It appears that we have underestimated just how ignorant the general public remains about the intrinsic value of gold.  Some of the best reactions include:


This is illegal…you can’t destroy money.
This physically pained me.  $40,000…
$40,000. I would rather give it to charity…

He is wasting GOLD!!!!
Who the f*** wastes a $40 grand block of gold like this?!  Why waste money?!



At least they seem to somewhat recognize that gold is worth something…although we strongly suspect that is only due to the fact that the video’s title includes the $$ value of the kilo gold bar…



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