Your Chance to Win a 1 oz Round From SilverCrest Mines

Tuesday’s SilverCrest Mines Silver Round Giveaway

Sign-up to receive the Doc’s Deal of the Day in your email inbox and be entered into a drawing for a 1 oz .999 Silver Round from SilverCrest Mines.  To be eligible just scroll down on the page and look in the very right tool bar for “Sign Up for Doc’s Deal Of The Day”, enter your email address, and hit submit.  No purchase necessary.  (If you have already signed up for Doc’s Deal of the Day you are automatically entered into the drawing.)


Additionally, we will be awarding another Silver Round Giveaway for the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard.  See the revised rules below.

1.  All SD Readers who finish the week with their names in the top 10 of the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard will be eligible to win.

2. We will award the number of entries into a drawing based of the NBA style lottery selection.  The #1 position on the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard will receive 10 entries, the #2 position will receive 9 entries, and so on.

3. We will actively monitor any user posting with the intent of spinning their own coin.


Congratulations to last week’s First Majestic round winners….


Silverbullion for winning the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard

And Conax for winning the SD Reader Submitted Caption Contest


Conax April 20, 2012 at 3:27 PM Going where no man has gone before, in search of his birth certificate.