You know that one guy who successfully signed up for Obamacare? He didn’t

PANTS ON FIRE: The poster boy for the new health care law is actually a former Obama campaign staffer, and he’s not enrolled in the system.

Chad Henderson was all over the news the past two days.  The 21-year-old student from Georgia was cited in multiple articles as being one of the few, the proud, the successful to signed up for insurance through a federal exchange.  On his Facebook page, Henderson bragged about being interviewed by “The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chattanooga Times Free Press, The Huffington Post, Enroll America, and Politico,” along with several local TV affiliates.
His story supposedly was  proof that for all their glitches and problems – and the ambivalence of young people – the new health insurance exchanges were working after all.
Except it seems like it was all a lie.
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