Wynter Benton Group States Will Demonstrate Ability to Move Silver Beginning 10/16

Wynter Benton, the group who claim to be former JPM commodities traders with a grudge against Blythe Masters, and who recently stated that MF Global was pulled to prevent the group from standing for delivery in silver and that silver will trade above $50 by the end of 2012 has posted another statement.
The group claims that beginning Tuesday 10/16, the group will demonstrate their ability to move the price of silver by updating their moves in REAL TIME, and advise silver investors to hold onto their seats!

October 16 to October 23, 2012

By wynter_benton . Oct 10, 2012 10:58 AM 

The Leader wishes to inform our followers that the group will be demonstrating our ability to move the price of silver between October 16 to October 23, 2012.

We will be updating our moves in real time during this period. Hold on to you seats because what you are about to see will dwarf what we did in February 2011.

….do da, do da…..

Sentiment: Strong Sell