“Wrecking The Silver Monetary System”: Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark — PART 2

swingThe organization responsible for destroying the role of silver as money, is documented in this article.
This organization makes the Bilderbergs look like pikers.
If you think you know the true story of Silver, this article will surely DESTROY many myths and incorrect assumptions.


By Charles Savoie, SRSRocco Report

To understand our present situation in gold and silver, you MUST KNOW what happened in the past.  Charles Savoie describes in great detail how Indian silver was dumped on the market to depress the price instigating the Great Depression:

Earl of Reading

(The Earl of Reading)

The Earl as British Foreign Secretary starting in 1931 backed up British India in its global silver dumping campaigns to destroy silver as money. He was a founder of Palestine Electric Corporation. While Ambassador during 1918, he played a central role in getting 200 million silver ounces for distribution in British India to suppress mutinous tendencies of native soldiers who demanded payment in silver.

We already mentioned the Pittman Act of 1918 in this regard. You ask, why did the British need 200MOZ silver at the close of World War I for British India, when they started dumping even more silver than that beginning in late 1927 after the Royal Commission on Indian Currency’s hatchet job against monetary silver in 1926? By late 1919 the British had moved more troops into India to control the situation, and were able to execute a jiu-jitsu turnaround against the people of India.

Indian Rupee Silver

Here’s a photo taken in 1919 of Pilgrims Society executive committee member Benjamin Strong, first president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with a mosquito’s parasitical attitude about its impending blood meal—

Benjamin Strong

This Pilgrims Society member, who was a Bankers Trust official, was the emissary of J.P. Morgan Senior (Pilgrims Society) to the Jekyll Island, Georgia meeting where the Federal Reserve Act was planned. Strong exerted great influence over the policy and actions of the entire Federal Reserve System.” Then in the 1974 Pilgrims list, his grandson surfaced as a member of The Pilgrims finance committee. Earlier he chaired the committee on admissions (1969 roster). The “middle” Benjamin Strong was also a Pilgrims member with offices at 45 Wall Street, and was a member of the anti-silver Bankers Club.

Also in PART 2, Charles describes how the 1873 Coinage Act that demonetized silverand destroyed millions of Americans ability for land ownership:

John Sherman, who was Treasury Secretary (1877-1881) and a silver antagonist of notable stature in his own right, who also had gold dealings on behalf of the Rothschilds. The Shermans had another brother whose name may add to the groaning—Hoyt Sherman, who was Lincoln’s Union Army paymaster!

Sherman defended the Coinage Act of 1873 (the Crime of ’73) claiming it didn’t demonetize silver, while the entire time this immoral conspirator knew full well that it placed a ceiling on using silver in transactions—it could be used for a payment of up to $5 only—meaning, the Money Power ruined millions of small folks, whose mortgage payments were thereafter demanded in gold. The small folks were forced out of land ownership into mere tenant status, exactly as in Crown feudalism. That’s what The Pilgrims Society is all about!

One last excerpt from Charles Savoie’s Silver Suppressors Hidden In The Dark – PART 2:

The Pilgrims Society set things up to be that way, so they could scoop up mountain ranges of profits from another World War, and so they could set up the United Nations organization at the end of the war as another attempt to make themselves rulers of the planet.

This Pilgrims official spoke of “fundamental institutions” that were being built for the last 1000 years. But that included British colonialism that nearly engulfed the world, for certain, it surrounded it, hence the old expression “the sun never sets on the British Empire” and its companion phrase “Britannia rules the waves.”

It also included British tyranny over the American colonists, the slave trade, the Chinese opium “trade,” interference with the use of silver as money, causing literally millions of deaths by starvation in China, India and elsewhere, preventing nations with silver resources from achieving their own independent currencies, while languishing under central banks fastened on them through British bankers subversions, and many more awful things that this Butler was proffering as “enlightened civilization.”

Full Article Here:  Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark — PART 2

This is a must read article.  As Charles states, many of the present gold and silver analysts don’t even discuss what this organization has done and continues presently to manipulate and depress the value of silver as money.

Here is the link for PART 1 for those who did not get a chance to read it yet.

I will release PART 3 at the end of the week.