Would YOU Want to be Short Gold This Weekend?

We Have One Simple Question:
Would YOU Want to be Short Gold or Silver This Weekend?


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With Open Interest Nearing Record Highs, the Banksters Suddenly Found Themselves On the Wrong Side of the Trade After Trump’s Syrian Airstrike. 

With Gold and Silver Prices Surging to $1273 and $18.50, the Bullion Banks Weren’t Content With Capping Prices, They Just Went ALL-IN:


Elijah Fills in for Eric Dubin This Week, With the Doc Discussing:


  • Syrian Airstrike, What’s Next?
  • Gold and Silver Surge on Geopolitical Risk, HAMMERED After COMEX Close
  • Elemetal Customers Corzined: Implications for PM Market
  • US Mint Silver Eagle Sales Remain Subdued 
  • Would YOU Want to be Short Gold This Weekend?

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Elemetal’s letter to customers informing them they have been Corzined by Scotia Bank: 

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