Will A Rate Hike CRUSH Gold Prices? | Craig Hemke

Is the Pain Over, Or Are Gold & Silver Prices About to Get SMASHED INTO THE ABYSS?!

How may a Fed rate hike impact the gold market?  Conventional wisdom says gold would get crushed.
But Craig Hemke from TFMetalsReport says from a historical perspective, rate hikes are not necessarily negative for gold prices.

From 2003 – 2008, interest rates rose and the gold price tripled.
Even if the Fed raises interest rates on Wednesday, Hemke says gold could move higher.

President Trump has talked about a $1 trillion infrastructure project. The U.S. national debt will only continue to grow, Hemke says, and rising debt is positive for the gold price.

Hemke considers the stability of the European Union. Could Frexit or Italeave come to pass?
If the EU breaks up, the resulting demand for physical gold could break the hold of the bullion banks…

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