Will President Trump Say Something Good About Gold Like He Does About The Stock Market When Gold Hits All-Time Record Highs?

Gold is creeping closer and closer to all-time record highs (less than a 5% from here), and wasn’t Trump a “good guy” who’s “good for gold”?

(by Half Dollar) President Trump is Tweeting about the stock market again today:

The “Strong Stock Market Numbers” do come with an election warning, however.

Regardless, it is indeed “strong”:

It’s also a totally corrupt, rigged casino.

Not that President Trump watches the stock market:

He doesn’t, so he says.

Or, he’s a liar.

Take your pick.

I’ll choose the latter, for all one has to do is search his Twitter archives to see that he does indeed watch the stock market as evidenced by his constant pumping:

That’s just one search term, and it’s all I could get in the screenshot, by the way.

It scrolls even further.

But I digress.

Here’s the question: Will Trump say something good about gold when it hits all-time record highs?

Because gold is at fresh, multi-year highs just today:

And it looks like $1800 is holding as support.

Here’s a little zooming out to show just how close we are to all-time record highs:

Right now, gold is less than 5% from all-time record highs!

We’ve heard it from the Gold Bug Red Hats, after all, for many years now, that Trump’s a “gold guy” who’s going to restore the US to its sound money glory!

I have my doubts:

And I continue to be right about it, while the Gold Bug Red Hats continue to say “trust the plan”, “he just needs more time”, or “you don’t even know how to play checkers so how could you understand 4-D Chess”.

What could Trump say that’s good about gold?

Well, he could say something to the effect of, “With gold at all-time record highs, hard working Americans may want to save some of their hard-earned income in gold”.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what if Trump loses the election?”.

I don’t think it matters, because I think gold will be at all-time record highs in dollar terms long before inauguration day next January, even if Trump “loses” his re-election.

We are, after all, only talking about a 5% move higher from here.

Finally, some food for thought to hopefully inspire critical thinking: If the Deep State is truly “out to get Trump” at all costs, as the sheeple claim, then wouldn’t Trump have been infected with the invisible Covid-19 already, and incapacitated or much worse?

Think about it…