Why Hasn’t Our Politics Affected Gold & Silver?

Our precious metals markets continue to slowly add value…

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

      Our precious metals markets continue to slowly add value with Gold now priced at $1,845.90, up $4.80 and right close to the high of $1,848.30 with the low not that far away at $1,841.10. Silver’s price moves are a little broader with the trade now at $24.36, up 22.3 cents after reaching up to $24.49 with the low at $24.07. The US Dollar is still losing value with its trade calculated at 90.55, down 17.3 points after losing 39.7 points during yesterday’s move, with the high at 90.725 and the low right there at 90.53. Of course, all this happened before Comex, the London close, and after Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat I wished represented that side of the aisle, tells Trump to Fight On

      Venezuelan’s are getting a very small discount in the price of Gold with the trade now at 18,435.93 Bolivar, losing 3.99 overnight with Silver down 0.149 of a Bolivar with the last price at 243.296. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold’s value at 150,465.41, down 24.05 A-Peso’s with Silver gaining 0.68 of an A-Peso with the last price at 1,985.70. Turkey’s Lira price for Gold lost 47.71 with the last trade at 14,383.96 T-Lira with Silver’s price losing 0.679 of a T-Lira with its last price at 189.822.

      December Silver’s Delivery Demands now stands at 1,495 contracts waiting for delivery and with a Volume of 73 up on the board with a trading range between $24.41 and $24.105 with the last swap at $24.275. Yesterday’s delivery activity happened in between $24.34 and $24.005 with the last buy at $24.075, up a nickel and after the Comex price was settled at $24.087 showing a gain of 6.2 cents that had a Volume of 136 helping to reduce the demand count by 1,842 that were mostly sent to London via the EFP express. Silver’s Overall Open Interest is continuing to lose sellers, yet these drops are nowhere near normal, as only 295 short contracts left the field of play leaving a total of 151,424 Overnighters as we head closer and closer to the low OI count, we witnessed when Silver almost hit $50.

      December Gold’s Delivery Demands still shows a huge total of 14,964 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 218 up on the board with a trading range between $1,843.40 and $1,837.90 with the last swap at $1,841.20, a gain of $4.40 so far today. Yesterday’s full day of delivery activity happened in between $1,842 and $1,825.30 with the last registered buy at $1,840, a gain of $15.30 after the Comex closed the price at $1,836.90, a gain of $11.10 that had a Volume of 479 that helped reduce the demand count by 754 that mostly got their receipts sent to London. Gold’s Overall Open Interest (shorts against the physicals) continues to lose positions as another 2,503 contracts left the field of play leaving an early morning total of 540,604 Overnighters willing to challenge all physical buyers.

      This week had a ton of televised eyewitness testimony (with literally thousands of sworn affidavits presented) and Giuliani was at most of these hearings. The best comeback yet, came from Rudy when a young representative attempted to ignore what facts really are at Wednesday’s Detroit hearing. Courtrooms make the decisions between facts and conjectures, apparently this new member doesn’t think that way. Take a gander at his lesson of the day. This snotnosed kid left that hearing bleeding from the ear after that “No Comeback” correction.

      In Georgia’s hearing yesterday, evidence was presented via video, showing the managers of the count, escorting the Republican viewers and media out, telling everyone the count is done and to go home. Then, the counters that stayed behind, pulled out boxes from under their desks and started counting those too, without observers or the media crews making sure there was fair counting. As mentioned before, I got time, and I watched most of these. There is no way this is not going to the courts and there is no way, the late counted votes should stand, when this was never allowed before. Finally, Georgia Gov. Kemp called for a signature audit following CCTV footage of those late-night ballot malarkey.

      Law and Order is what our nation’s people demand. That includes those that supposedly represent the “live and legal” voters. This video evidence, has a nice little clock in the corner proving this was happening during the evening of November 3rd. Those that went out and harvested the votes, those that copied ballots, those that trucked the ballots in from other states via the United States Postal Service, should be losing sleep because they will be the first to be arrested, after we see the courts action.

      I wonder if CNN’s Zucker said anything about the count around the election,before Veritas let them all know they were being listened to last week? Does the NSA have text, email, private server messages, and audio recordings of phone conversations between the state’s representatives in the areas whose voter count is being challenged? If so, it should be brought out, after all this is National Security and it appears to have been obstructed intentionally. Why is this NOT affecting our markets or our currency, when the whole world is watching?

     Back to the value of money, we have a new Fed Bug named Chris Waller, who was elected while the voter count goes on, and a Twitter Feed from my favorite Future Fed/Gold-Bug Judy Shelton “Keep the Faith”.

      Have a great weekend, and trust in Law and Order! Allow the legal challenges to work thru like they always have in the past. As always

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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