Why Does The MSM (Reuters) Keep Insisting Gold Is Mainly Transported In “Passenger Planes”?

The MSM needs to explain why the physical market is tight right now, but have the people really been so dumbed-down to believe this cheap propaganda?

(by Half Dollar) Of course there’s no shortage of gold.

There’s a problem with price.

You see, to actually get physical gold into your hand, aside from using force, you have to entice somebody to sell it to you, and by the looks of it, gold is in strong hands.

Nonetheless, the MSM propagandists need to offer up an explanation as to why there is physical tightness in the physical gold market right now.

And they’re on a roll too!

I recently highlighted a major gold hit piece from Reuters:

That article was highlighting the horrible condition the banks find themselves in with having too much gold on-hand.

Oh geez, that sucks.

The banks said they have such an unfortunate inventory build-up of gold because of the global grounding of passenger flights, implying that the use of passenger flights is the main way gold bullion is transported around the globe.


Of course, I’m preaching to the choir here this Good Friday, for I know readers of Silver Doctors know what’s up, but for all I know, the sheeple probably think that gold is transported the way Reuters claims it is.

But wait, there’s more!

Just to make sure the sheeple think gold is transported by passenger planes, or at least to plant that seed in case anybody ever does wonder how gold is transported, only two days have passed, and the MSM Propagandists are at it again!

From Reuters:


They’ve one-upped themselves from what they wrote only two days ago!

The question is, why are they now qualifying the pseudo-global logistics program with cargo “holds”?

Here’s why: Some people might come to understand that only an idiot would think that gold is transported globally by Cheetos eatin’ fat guys on Jet Blue.

Therefore, in order to not raise the eyebrows of lesser idiots, this time Reuters is claiming the gold bullion is held in the “holds” of passenger planes.

You know, because those pet rocks are just thrown-in there with the other passengers’ luggage and what not.

Look, gold is even more than money.

How so?

Well, if paper US Dollars were transported in the “holds” of passenger airplanes, well, those dollars couldn’t be melted down and turned into Euros, or Rupee, or whatever.

Gold, on the other hand, is money, and it can be melted down and then recast or re-stamped into and with anything, time and time again.

Here’s the point: ANY gold of logistically important, sufficient quantity is transported under ARMED SECURITY, and it’s INVENTORIED at EVERY step of the way.

There are private armed logistics/security companies that do this very thing.

So again, what’s really going on here is called propaganda to try to explain why there’s tightness in the gold “market”.

Consider this: In Mexico, cartons of cigarettes are transported to convenient stores with armed guards.

ARMED GUARD will soon be the norm for the bulk transport of ANYTHING valuable that’s in sufficient quantity.

Will a roll of American Silver Eagles or even a one ounce American Gold Eagle be shipped through unarmed courier services?

For now, yes.

Provided the gold or silver is insured, there’s a signature, there’s guaranteed tracking, and so on and so forth.

But we’re not talking about getting an ounce or two from the dealer to the stacker.

We’re talking about THE global price setting mechanism for the gold “markets” of the world – the gold trade stemming from London and New York.

Gold “markets” which, by the looks of things, including this latest Reuters act of desperation, are on the cusp of something big.