Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me About PM’s Sooner?

Well, the new year is here, 2015, and may are predicting dire happenings. Perhaps I am just preaching to the choir today, but maybe a line or two here will strike a chord, or can be passed along to others. I wish someone would have told me about metals much sooner.
I don’t mind that I finally got on the train at a bad time.  I am on and not getting off.
I know it is not about investing any longer, but perhaps investing is a good angle from which to bring up the topic these days–people understand that. What they do not get is the 
FED, CFR, IMF, Bilderberger, globalist, Wall Street, corrupt, criminal, fiat-manipulating conspiracy.



Submitted by Dr. Jerome, TFMetalsReport

When I was 22 and working at a nuclear power plant I was assigned to work with an interesting guy, Richard. He was known as a “tax protester” and “conspiracy theorist.” I listened attentively to what Richard had to say. I was, after all, a captive audience, being an apprentice at the time. He told me all about the Rothchilds, the Bildergergers, the CFR, the new world order, the FED, and fiat money. Richard did not cheat on his taxes, he just refused to file a 1040. He did pay tax, claiming single and zero to have the maximum amount of income tax withheld each year, and then just did not file. The IRS was pissed at him, but never really came after him with vengeance. He was a gold bug.

But it was 1982 and prices were down a bit. Silver had just popped its bubble. I went to the LCS and looked at 10 ounce bars of silver, but the premium was $2 each way. Silver would need to rise 40% for me to break even. I walked out, filed away most of what he taught me about conspiracies, and went on with my sheeple-life. Richard tried to tell me what was going on. I should have kept an eye on things.

But gold has been a store of value for a very long time, in all cultures!

I wish Richard would have taught me more about reading gold charts, advising me to start stacking, slowly and steadily in 1982. But he spent more time trying to convert me into a tax protester. Unfortunately, I linked the two together in my mind, decided not to fight the IRS, and let go of metal bugging also.

Be careful how much conspiracy stuff you try to warn others about! I was pretty smart back then and I couldn’t process it all or connect all the dots.

Later, in 2002, my wife and I, with two young-uns (ages 8 & 11) who needed room to play, decided to move from our downtown Victorian home in a small midwest town, out into the countryside on a few acres. Credit was easy. We found a wonderful home and then went to the bank and got our rubber stamp loan approval. After settling in, I received another raise at my university teaching job. Life was good for the Christmas of 2003 as we opened presents then played in the snow. The economy was strong and our budget had a nice surplus that we mostly used to pay off car loans and pay down the home mortgage. Our future looked bright. But something was going on that I did not know about.

Gold had become cheap, very cheap.

Silver was also cheap, very cheap. I got a whiff of its cheapness one day, looking briefly as some “walking liberty” half dollars in the coin shop areal of the local antique store. But I was thinking “collectible” and not investment. These coins were “smoothies.” Not interested. Alas! If I had only done some internet investigating for just 5 minutes… I would have recognized that the intrinsic value was greater than the fiat price.

In 2002, houses were rising in price while farmland in Indiana was reasonably cheap—1500 per acre for tillable land. So we bought 7 acres with two houses—a big one to live in and a little old renovated farmhouse to rent out. Life was good. But I wish someone back then had told me about gold!

I could have purchases an ounce per month without crimping our budget severely. And as the fiat value of gold began to rise over the next few years, I would have finally turned into a real metal bug.

But nobody told me about gold, about what was going on in gold—that the Bank of England had flooded the market in 2001, driving price way below mining costs. Why? Who cares…the stuff was cheap and you did not have to be a conspiracy theorist to recognize it. Besides, it takes too long to connect all the dots for people, and then they don’t get it and think you are crazy. So just show them your sensible side.

So that is my position today as I chat with friends and relatives.

I am telling folks what nobody told me in the 1980s and in the 2000s.

  • Precious metals are a great investment opportunity today! Stocks are at all time highs.
  • Metals are low—too low, given inflation rates.

Big time players recognize how low these prices are–China and a plethora of nations who are buying gold and repatriating what they have stored in NY & London.

The monopolized mainstream media is consistently dissing precious metals. Why? Just connect the dots.

Am I a charlatan for advising people to buy and hold gold, long term, as it is bottoming at the “out-of-ground” price? While one could make a valid argument with gold at all-time highs, you are on shaky ground to argue that claim today. And the news know-it-alls who call for $800 gold simply embarrass themselves, depending on their good looks and managed credibility for the force of their argument.

Land that will produce food can also be purchased on the cheap. Do you want to stay in the city where Police are shaking people down, too trigger happy, and now have military gear to back them up? … In the city where those dependent on government handouts have become a very large percentage of the population? We have seen how riots and looting can start very efficiently these days, thanks to texting and free phones. In the city where food depends in “just in time” delivery and even large stores can see their shelves go bare within hours of a storm announcement?

So I am telling friends to consider moving to the countryside (or picking up a second home, where you can be safer and produce food—not to mention the peacefulness and beauty). Commute to work while the game lasts. I sure wish I had bought that lot in an Arizona river valley for $4000 back in 1984. The same lot costs 20K today. I could have put a travel trailer on it and just got out of Phoenix a couple times per month to tend the fruit trees planted there. And I would have had an option.

For those of you immersed in city life, I hope you can make your home secure. But I do fear for what cities will turn into if the economy takes a big dive. Perhaps consider prudently buying a desirable acre or two out in the countryside and parking a small travel trailer there as a get-away. You may need it. Or, since the banks are still letting out a trickle of foreclosed homes in good areas, consider that. But you have to know what you want, where, then watch closely and make an offer the first day they hit the listing services. A trusty realtor can be a good friend in the purchasing process.

How about this place on 9 acres in the woods with a creek for 34K?  Already has a well, septic and a structure. If you can handle living in a mobile home, it provides an option for you. These kinds of places are for sale throughout the US, and the bank-seller often takes a much lower offer if you have patience, are persistent, and don’t offend the banker.

So I am telling friends & family, simply and straightforwardly to …

  • Consider purchasing metals—as an investment for now because the price is low—they understand that.
  • Consider purchasing a get-away place—relax, get away, enhance your life—they understand that.

What they do not understand is the FED, CFR, IMF, Bilderberger, globalist, Wall Street, corrupt, criminal, fiat-manipulating conspiracy.

All of us should provide ourselves reasonable options that enhance our lives now, provide choices if the future is more dismal than we can stand. Gold and land can store of your savings and provide food. Plant trees, build gardens, make your home more self-sufficient and secure. Merge into a smaller community. Make friends and gain their trust—both ways. Enjoy life. Sleep well.

I wish someone would have told me–clearly, succinctly, memorably, followed with sound, actionable advice.

One more thing… did you see this delightful article on ZH yesterday? The author is not a “survivalist,” but a “thrivalist,” discussing the virtues and practicalities of owning a cow.