FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Why A Former Bond Trader Is So Bullish On Gold

He who holds the gold makes the rules, and that is one of the reasons why following the yellow brick road is the key to financial protection…

BNN interviewing Jaime Carrasco

As expected, since my last interview in October 2018, the markets have begun to exert much greater volatility and downside risk, and I continue to advise that investors take a defensive stance; a strategy that is working.

Some of Wall Streets’ smart money is also beginning to recognize the parallels between the global financial and geopolitical environment of the 1930s and today. This is important because that information offers investors a road map on how to manage through what could to prove to be a very challenging period. That period was influenced by excess government and corporate debt, divided global governments, populist politics, low global economic growth, and massive overall financial instability. Sound familiar?

In this environment, the key to financial protection lies in the core message of one of that eras’ most memorable movie, The Wizard of OZ, as it defines the number One rule of global power; he who holds the gold makes the rules. I continue to advise that investors consider following the Yellow Brick Road to safety.

Having recognized these factors early on, has allowed me to lay out a strategy of how to best position ourselves as we transition through this period.