Wholesale Silver Shortage…CONFIRMED

silver shortageIn lieu of Metals & Markets this week, we bring readers CONFIRMATION that a WHOLESALE SILVER SHORTAGE is in fact developing…

SDBullion’s contacts with the nation’s leading precious metals mints, wholesalers, authorized purchasers, and distributors, the latest evidence indicates that the wholesale silver shortage is WORSENING:


  • US Mint Authorized Purchasers advised SDBullion Thursday that Silver Eagle allocations have been substantially declining every week since sales resumed
    2 weeks ago the US Mint made 1.4 million Silver Eagle coins available to Authorized Purchasers, last week only 1 million were made available, and SDBullion was advised that this week the number declined an additional 20%. 
    Further, US Mint officials reportedly are advising Authorized Purchasers that they will begin making the switch to 2016 Silver Eagle production in September, drastically reducing output of 2015 coins. 
    As it takes less than a day to change out dyes (in addition to the fact that in previous years the US Mint has halted sales in the November/December time-frame for the annual “switchover”) the evidence in our opinion points to the US Mint having extreme difficulties in sourcing raw material for Silver Eagle coins.
  • The Exclusive Distributor for the leading private mint 100 oz Silver bars in the US advised SDBullion on Thursday that the mint had been scheduled (and promised) to deliver 10,000  100 oz Silver Bars on Wednesday (1 million oz of a single private mint product), but was only able to deliver a little over 3,000 bars.
  • The Royal Canadian Mint reportedly did not release a single 1 oz Silver Maple to any of the Authorized Purchasers SDBullion spoke to this week. 
    This comes on the heels of a severe issue with the Royal Canadian Mint’s production of 10 oz Silver bars.
  • New orders for Sunshine Mint 1 oz Rounds are shipping to dealers/distributors on a 9 WEEK DELAY!  Nearly the end of October!!!
  • The 3rd largest US wholesaler/distributor of precious metals with 21 warehouses usually stocked to the rafters with bullion advised SDBullion they have been CLEANED OUT.
  • Over the past 48 hours nearly all of the last remaining Live products at US Wholesalers (higher premium retail products from world mints such as the Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint, Banco De Mexico, Royal Mint, Austrian Mint, Armenian Mint, and the Chinese Mint) have virtually all been SOLD OUT at the wholesale level.
  • Bullion mainstays such as Johnson Matthey and RCM 100 oz bars have gone NO OFFER at several of the largest US wholesaler/ distributors.

Several weeks ago The Doc warned that we were looking at the potential for 2008 style premiums across the precious metals markets.
If we have ANY further material weakness in the paper markets OR if the US Mint follows through on halting sales yet again in September for a “2016 switchover” that prediction is likely to become a reality.