John Williams: When The Fed Reverses Course There Could Be A Panic Move Into Gold & Silver

Shadow Stats’ Economist says a sharp decline or a crash in the dollar would tip the economy over. Here’s what that means for the dollar, gold & silver…

John Williams interviewed on GoldSeekRadio

  • John Williams of, a leading online alternative economic-resource sees the potential for an explosive move in the PMs sector / commodities.
  • According to Shadowstats, the official inflation numbers are significantly understated – consumers are being robbed as the pace of price increases exceeds wages.
  • Shadowstats finds that the GDP is slowing at a rapid clip, which will be reflected in next week’s official tally.
  • The troubling sign for the domestic economy could result in the first recession amid one of the longest economic expansions in US history.
  • Inflation is typically good news for the commodities sector, including crude oil, gold, silver and PMs shares, all of which are poised from a technical vantage point for a potential rally.
  • The event that leads to the economic tipping point could be an expectedly sharp decline, even a crash in the US Greenback.
  • John Williams expects that policymakers will return to quantitative easing (QE) in an attempt to stabilize the US dollar; the move could backfire resulting in a panic to procure inflation safe haven investments, such as energy shares and PMs.