“When 5,000,000 People Are Thrown Out of Work They Will Join Ready-Made Street Factions” – John Rubino

John Rubino tells Silver Doctors they’re pushing the US into a “death spiral”. The chaos will get worse and quicken as soon as the mass unemployment begins. There are a few ways to protect against all this uncertainty with gold, but there is a right way to do it…

John Rubino joins Silver Doctors to give an update of the economic and political turmoil spreading through the nation like wildfire.

“Political chaos is an outgrowth of financial mismanagement,” Rubino says. As common people suffer financially, they choose villains. In these times, we see populist candidates emerge and violence in the streets break out. But violence simply increases political and financial destabilization. Get ready for a “death spiral,” Rubino warns.

Gold made new yearly highs Monday as it broke through 1300. There’s too much optimism in the precious metal markets right now, Rubino says. In the short term, he expects a pullback. But the long term fundamentals remain bullish.

Whether gold sees a pullback now, or a healthy pull back after climbing the wall of worry, John says, “don’t chase, don’t wait, but do this…”: