What is Driving the Rally in Gold this Week?

$2,500 to $3,000 per ounce gold and $50 per ounce silver is likely in 2021. Keep the faith and if you…

By Mark O’Byrne via GoldCore

We saw a strong rally in precious metals last week, what was the main driver of this?

Oversold and typical bounce that would see after a short term sell off. Counter trend correction. Correction was somewhat expected and tend to see one towards end of year prior to frequently seeing strong gains over the Xmas period and into the New Year.

However speed and scale of the sell off was quite unusual. Counter intuitive as it happened with no significant gold related news or indeed wider economic, financial or market related news that could be attributed to the sell off. There was no corresponding sharp moves in the dollar or stocks markets when gold sell off.

So this had led to the more accusations of market manipulation and Wall Street entities using the futures market to artificially suppress gold prices. The “powers that be” do not want a surging gold price and gold challenging record highs given the very risky situation facing the world in the coming few weeks as we gaze down the precipice of a potential Hard Brexit and the possibility of a titanic legal battle for control of the White House.

Do you think that we have now formed a base for gold and silver prices to move higher?

Impossible to tell in the short term but most probably yes. We have likely bottomed or will soon bottom. We got as low as $1765/oz on gold and just over $22/oz on November 30th (happens to be my birthday) and we have now rallied to $1830 and $23.76.

The dollar has continued to come under a lot of pressure lately which has been a contributor to gold’s rally – what is going to stop this rout for the US dollar?

Good question. The fundamentals for the dollar are poor given the poor economic outlook and the appalling fiscal outlook for the U.S. Not to mention the complete dysfunction of the U.S. politically and the fractious civil war style politics.

Bitcoin has traded at a new all time high, why are we seeing a sell off with gold rallying?

Up 165% in 2020 alone – from $7,500 to $19,300 (high of 19,914) and is overbought from a host perspectives including technically and technical measures such as the RSI (14 day).

What are you going to be watching closely this week?

I try to tune out all the short term noise – whether that be the 24 hour news cycle or daily market movements.

At same time, I will do a daily check on Brexit developments and indeed the Trump V Biden battle both getting the Biden view from MSM and the Trump view and developments from his Twitter account and alternative media. It is important to keep an eye on both in these Orwellian times.

To CONCLUDE, gold and silver buyers need to continue to focus on Value and the value of owning actual ounces in coin or bar formats rather than on short term price volatility. $2,500 to $3,000/oz gold and $50/oz silver is likely in 2021. Keep the faith and if you do not have a high enough allocation to pms then keep acquiring on weakness