What if we are wrong?

In the spirit of considering both sides of a question, why not take a thought trip and explore a future where all of our relatives and friends who have rolled their eyes at us turn out to be right?
What if we have been deluded all along…



Submitted by Dr. Jerome, TFMetalsReport:

  • that Keynesian fiat is a superior form of economics to commodity backed currencies
  • that gold’s only value is for jewelry and an industry
  • that a large war jump starts the economies of the world
  • that Obama does not lie—ever, nor is he wrong

Who am I kidding? I gotta take another angle on this…

What if TPTB actually win and manage to somehow switch the world over to the SDR as a trade currency, that precious metals are prohibited for private ownership, that the militarized police and invasive citizen-spying clamp down on black markets (except for drugs of course) and force everyone to conform and stay in the sheep pen.

Now, I am convined that it only through the power of propaganda tactics that they could pull this off. But they have the most powerful media networks ever created and are adeptly managing to keep the conformist citizenry distracted with celebrities, mini-series’ on TV, movies, video games, alcohol, porn and consumerism. Meanwhile, personal debt levels have risen, forcing young people to work two jobs. They come home so exhausted; they just want to distract themselves until the alarm goes off again.

So far, so good. Only a small minority in the West hold our views. And at some point, the internet will be tightly controlled, just as the TV and cable media are now. Dissenters will not be heard except for some newsletter they write, print at home, and secretly mail out to their few subscribers—like it was two decades ago.

What if they somehow pull of this one-world government, getting China and the BRICs nations to sign on by letting them lead it, forcing the west back into 3rd world status along with everyone else. They avoid WW3 by recognizing that fiat is failing and gold-backed assets MUST become the foundation for the economies. Metals are confiscated, but worse, the black markets are forced out of business by overzealous military police who make that their main task. And then the mysterious blue-bloods castrate the neo-cons, disempower our congress and set up their cherished dream.

But for most, life in the US and Europe just goes on. We do not see the shifts in our daily lives except that we are poorer. I never get to hold a SDR note in my hand. I just see pictures. People in my town will increasingly move into old trailer homes and live on cheap GMO foods. At some point, the large beautiful homes are converted into to three and fourplex apartment buildings—just like the Victorian mansions are in downtown areas of the old Midwest cities today. And the Big reset will have occurred right under everyone’s nose, but few will be the wiser.

If that is our future, will you be happy with the place your preparations have taken you? Enough food to get through smaller economic crises? A paid off home? A home business that can meet basic needs. Gardening, fruit and nut trees, livestock, chickens? Naturopathic or herbal health care? Solar power or some other home generated source for electricity. Hey! How about no power at all, just like our great-grandparents. (My grandmother and uncle are pictured at right in about 1927–she was tough!) A bit of distance or other form of security from untrustworthy neighbors. Life on a small farm? A stack of metals cleverly hidden that you find increasingly difficult to use. You are wealthy, but have to dodge the law to use it.

I feel bad for those who prepped radically in 2008, with a bug-out property, hoards of food and lead, then lost it all as bankruptcy, foreclosure and tax liens overtook them. There were dozens of homes for sale in remote areas near my town with solar systems, cisterns, wells, and other handy features. I feel bad for those who cashed out retirement plans and bought 1900 gold and have since become discouraged. (I am in that camp with a 403b converted at $1700). But for either group, only the timing has been wrong, not the action, and that only from the perspective of the short term. Ten years from now, we may be saying, “I am sure glad I cashed out and bought gold. Things looked bad for a few years, but then … Oh boy!”

Well, a self-sufficient life founded on the preparations we are making now sounds a lot better than a debt-slave life of minimum wage jobs, Obamacare, taxes and sharing a small apartment with another family just to make ends meet. For most sheep on the current path, that is as good as it will get.

There seem to be several ways things can go:

  • Sudden collapse and chaos
  • Slow collapse
  • War until there is little left to fight over
  • A bumpy transition to an IMF run world economy
  • A smooth transition…
  • A Ron Paul style revolution … One can hope…

How long can the current system continue—a few years perhaps? Maybe only a few months. Who knows? But I am doing my pitiful best to get a home paid off (building a small cabin on a lot where I have good soil) and learning to be as self-sufficient as possible. And whatever happens, even the unthinkable where this current system keeps pulling tricks out of the bag, I will be satisfied with the kind of life I am transitioning into.

Woe unto those who trust in paper and trust in the kind-hearted banks who will surely forgive their home and student loans. They will be wiped out financially, pushed out of their home, or have to rent it back, and have no choices but what those in power hand to them.

I prefer choices. The risks are too great to continue life as usual.

And whatever happens, I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be at least a short window as markets go into upheaval where we can unload hefty portions of our stacks to pay off homes, buy productive land, or become wealthy enough to expatriate elsewhere and settle in. But even after that, I suspect liberty as we know it will be curtailed worldwide. But then again, I have been a debt-slave all my life with little liberty. But I am no longer ignorant and I hope to pass on that economic literacy to my kids and boost them into a life of light and liberty, even if this present system somehow remains in control. If we are wrong, it was not about what’s been going on, only in how it would turn out.

If we are wrong, I will have no regrets. I will have choices. But the evidence says that we are right and we will need those choices.


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