We’re Seeing the Largest Gold Supply-Demand Mismatch in History

The current market & economic environment supports the rise of hard assets like gold…

Tavi Costa by Patrick V. via SBTV

SBTV speaks with Tavi Costa, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Crescat Capital, about the $8.5 trillion US Treasuries maturing in 2021 and why we are now seeing the largest supply-demand mismatch in the gold market.

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
01:16 Federal Reserve fanning booms and busts since 1913
04:32 Environment support the rise of hard assets like gold
07:25 History rhymes in charts
12:10 Parallels with 1929 stock market boom and impending crash
16:34 Hyperinflation unlikely in the US
19:34 Gold’s performance in the short-term
26:08 Precious metals equities great but how are the risks?
29:34 Gold-to-risk parity index ratio