Were Last Week’s Gold & Silver Chart “Glitches” Telegraphing This Week’s Cartel Raids?

In one of the main claims in the ongoing class action suit against JP Morgan Chase alleging price manipulation of silver, the suit alleges that JPM made over 25 massive FAKE TRADES using Saxo Bank during sparse Globex evening hours prior to major silver raids for the express purpose of TELEGRAPHING AN IMPENDING SILVER SMASH TO THEIR BUDDIES!

As it is allegedly JPMorgan’s SOP to telegraph major impending raids in the metals to other bullion banks using FAKE TRADES during thin trading, could this have been the real reason for the flash crash glitch in the gold and silver charts last week DURING SPARSE GLOBEX HOURS which saw gold flash crash from $1750 to $1715, and silver from $34.20 to $32.80?
Gold has already traded to and below the target of the chart glitch.  Will silver continue to be smashed to the glitch target of $3180??


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Notice that gold has met the level of both of last week’s Globex flash crashes:  From $1750 to $1715:


And from $1730 to $1699:


Silver has not yet reached the target of the flash crash glitch at $31.80.  Will we see further weakness until the level is achieved?


After consolidating overnight throughout the Asian and London session, gold and silver are currently being dumped again on Wednesday’s COMEX open.

Silver down to $32.80, only one dollar from the flash crash target of $31.80:


Gold to $1695, the flash crash glitch target of $1699 having been achieved and surpassed:


While we were ridiculed by many in the gold and silver community for even bringing attention to the glitches (which we stated at the time appeared to in fact be a glitch), in view of the circumstantial evidence along with the cartel history of telegraphing impending price raids, it might behoove gold and silver investors to at least take notice the next time an extreme flash crash glitch appears on the gold and silver charts.