Wealthy Families Attacking COMEX & LBMA Now, DEMANDING Delivery Of Physical Gold & Silver

SD Midweek Update: The end game for the gold & silver price suppression is now, and the question is how fast does it play out?





Not hyperbole.

Wealthy families are draining real physical gold from the fraudulent paper markets.

That is one point that Harvey Organ made to me yesterday in the latest Silver Doctors’ interview.

Harvey doesn’t just have great insight, but he’s also in-the-know.

Sure, they’ve likely fed him dis-information at time.

To throw him off and make him seem, well.

You know.

Like one of those tin-foil hat wearin’ dudes.

But now?

It’s not unreasonable to take it at face value.

What Harvey said about silver is likely causing sheer panic in Washington and London, suffered by the Deep State Globalists in government, banking, and myriad now-totally-corrupted systems.

And what did he say about silver?

He said that a $20 silver price will blow-up the bullion banks, and it happens this year!

And that will blow-up the entire banking system.

He said Bank of America and all the other bullion banks are going belly-up, and that JP Morgan will be the last to go because they are the most important of the commercial banks participating in the gold & silver price suppression.

But he said something else about silver that is likely causing that total fear, way more than just sheer panic.

And what else did he say about silver?

That once the retail investor comes back into the physical market, it’s game over.

Side note: I don’t think the ramp-Bitcoin-to-take-the-attention-off-of-gold-and-silver will work again this time as it worked at the end of 2017 going into 2018.

Here’s the thing – and let me write this, hypothetically speaking, so nobody says ‘Ol Half Dollar is tryin’ to start something by telling people to do this –

The retail investor has the chance to take down the entire corrupt western banking system.

How so?


Hypothetically speaking, and in no way am I saying to do this:

  1. Withdraw those fiat dollar savings from the bank.
  2. Buy physical silver with those savings.
  3. Have the metal in your possession.

How could that take down the banking system?

Well, if this rally is real, which I think it is, as in the beginning of the rally, then obviously silver has tons of upside potential with very minimal risk to the downside, and, in my opinion, that downside risk is pretty much in the short-term only since prices are going way, way up.

In other words, silver prices are going up, so those savings converted into physical silver will actually be increasing in value.

Now, Harvey says $20 silver blows-up the bullion banks, which he says are leveraged some 750-to-1, paper derivatives to physical.

Said differently because it is an important point: At a $20 spot price per ounce of silver, the fraudulent banking scam involving non-existent gold and silver controlling the metals’ prices blows-up, and that $20 spot price is coming very soon, as soon as the Western retail investor in general, and the North American retail investor specifically begin buying silver in earnest, which they will.

What does the blow-up look like?

You’ll just have to listen to the interview to understand what follows, because it is, after all, Harvey explaining it, but basically:

  • Banking holidays
  • Game over for COMEX & LBMA
  • GLD & SLV go belly-up
  • Gold goes to $2000 quickly and sees an overnight revaluation to $10,000 per ounce.
  • Silver at 10-to-1 with gold.

So back to how Average Joe can blow-up the fraudulent banking system.

The 3-step hypothetical course of action, and in no way and I saying to do this, strikes 3 simultaneous mortal blows to the banking system:

  1. Liquidity dries-up because of the run on the banks.
  2. The physical silver market finally blows-up the paper-price suppression.
  3. Real silver will be nowhere to be found and therefore will not be able to be sourced without much higher prices.

Of course, I could keep the list going on all of the different ways the retail investor would be inflicting mortal wounds on the evil and corrupt banking system, but suffice to say, the power of the people is found in silver.


Which is why the cartel is doing all they can to smash silver back down below $15:

But they must have real metal to do that, and I don’t think they have silver in any quantity, so I don’t think they can smash silver down to $14 right now.

Besides, even if you’re a trader who denies the manipulation and loves the charts, there are still little profits to be taken in silver right now because with several days of price consolidating between $15 and $15.50, I think that what profits could be taken have¬†already¬†been taken.

All the cartel has been able to do is keep silver from really taking off, as seen by this last gasp of desperation in the gold-to-silver ratio:

We are under $15.50 per ounce of silver, still, in the second half of 2019, so if they want to sit on silver’s price as gold breaks-out, well then, I wouldn’t be surprised if wealthy families are already selling their gold at a profit and moving into physical silver right now as I type these very words, and the longer the cartel just sits on silver’s price, the more explosive the move-up in the price of silver will be, and I’m talking about explosive moves for something that is actually real, and something that is actually not just a thing, but one of only two things the US Constitution specifically requires to be our money.

With options expiration this week, I’m sure the cartel is terrified of gold at $1450:

I get it, gold is screaming “oversold” right now, but if physical gold & physical silver supplies are actually tight, which many people are saying is indeed the case, then the banks will happily let the dumb money short the snot out of some paper gold & silver all the while said banks rake-in the profits as the dumb money is forced to cover, again, and again, and again.

After all, to the dumb money, this can’t be the rally, right?

And to the skeptic, the cartel can just keep on suppressing price forever, right?

Platinum is well off of everybody’s radar:

When the cartel is forced to abandon its current minimal attention payed to platinum being used to suppress platinum’s price, I think platinum is really going to surprise the markets with explosive price action to the upside.

Palladium is still just chillin’ out, happy to be consolidating here:


The trading ranges are tight too, for now, and I’m looking for new highs soon, but not necessarily this week.

Copper is also off of everybody’s radar:

Yes, there’s that death cross on the daily chart, but that comes as copper has triple-bottomed over the past year, and while we might get some bottom-bouncing here, I’m thinking the smart money and nations looking to easily stockpile real stuff on the cheap are quietly scooping-up the base metal while its price is real dirt cheap.

Crude oil is nearly at $60 a barrel again:

I blew my crude oil call last year, but I still think we get to $75 before too long, for both fundamental and technical reasons, a couple of which include the geo-political Deep State Globalist war drums beating towards Iran and a weakening US dollar.

Furthermore, that’s the Deep State Globalist plan, in my opinion, which will be carried out to inflict nasty, serious damage on the US economy.

The stock market is so close to all-time record highs:

The Fed’s measure of inflation, PCE, comes out this Friday, and if the Deep State Globalists are going to ramp the stock market one last time, then I’d be looking for a low-print on the headline numbers to give the illusion of low inflation and therefore, by extension, give the Fed the cover it needs to be “easy”, meaning to whore themselves-out to the “markets” sooner than later.

The VIX could be starting a move here:

I think we get some volatility spikes soon, and again, not necessarily this week, but not much after next week either.

I thought that yield on the 10-Year Note would be ramped higher this week:

Though yield has apparently taken a liking to the “pricing-in the Fed rate cuts”, so for now I’ve been wrong about yield in the short-term, which is just as well since I’ve been spot on in calling yield on the 10-Year Note for pretty much all of 2019, up until now.

The dollar index fell below 96 yesterday:

Assuming this “bounce” has given us the technical “lower-low” on the chart, then 96 is just the start.

That is exactly what I think is happening, especially as maximum pain is brought to America.

In the form of economic misery and financial ruin later this year, timed to the election..

The bottom line as we find ourselves here on this beautiful day in late-June?

We are about to find out just how tight the physical markets truly are.

And if real gold & silver are hard to source in any big quantities.

If so, the downside is very limited here because, well.

There’s only one way to get real physical metal.

That’s to pay the “market” price for the metal.

For now, the price is a fraudulent scam.

In paper markets that are blowing-up.

And just a friendly reminder now.

It is a “collapse” for a reason.

Paper markets are close.

To that very real point.

And then what?

Game over.

The end.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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