We Are in the Calm Before the Storm, US Cost of Living is Going to SKYROCKET!!

In his latest update, Greg Mannarino discusses Fed Presidents Charles Evans and John Williams’ speeches this week calling for FURTHER quantitative easing. 

Williams stated the Fed can extend Operation Twist into infinity (which can only occur if the Fed goes out and PURCHASES T-BONDS DIRECTLY!!).   Mannarino states we are in the middle of an escalating GLOBAL CURRENCY WAR.  The petro-dollar is being threatened as China is colluding with the Saudi’s to bring the largest oil refinery in the history of the world in 2013.

By artificially suppressing interest rates, The Fed is causing massive inflation which will BLINDSIDE Americans.  Mannarino states we are in the CALM BEFORE THE STORM, and Americans’ cost of living is going to SKYROCKET!!  He claims massive civil unrest here in the US is imminent!!

Once the Federal Reserve becomes the lender of last resort, it’s OVER!