Watch Gary Gensler Squirm While Live Callers Ask About Silver Manipulation & Investigation!

The CFTC’s Gary Gensler discussed the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s oversight (or lack thereof) of commodity “futures,”on C-Span Tuesday afternoon, and he also responded to telephone calls during a live Q&A .

Gensler attempted to explain the function & role of the derivatives & swaps markets, and confirmed the CFTC is continuing to investigate JPMorgan’s CIO derivatives lossesprior to taking calls live.

Wouldn’t ya know it caller after caller wanted to know about silver, the CFTC’s now 4 year old investigation (Gensler stated he couldn’t comment on an ongoing investigation and that it started before he came to the CFTC), position limits, and market manipulation (Gensler stated ‘there are hundreds of actors on the stage’.

Gensler’s full interview and Q&A can be seen below: